God the Father , Son & Holy Spirit is incredible difficult to explain in any language?

Even our own priest said it’s difficult to put in to a simple answer.

We walk by Faith and not by sight.

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Generally, the more you try to explain, the more likely you are to end up in error.


Our experience doesn’t tell us what it’s like to know oneself as three persons who are one being who has no parts. So it is hard to speak to in any language, especially when the audience isn’t formally educated in theology.

Here’s a recent mediation on the Trinity.

No one has ever seen God. We look at Jesus, and we see the One who reveals Him.

It seems to follow there is a difference between who God is, and what God is.

When we look at Jesus we see the son, who is God… but from the Trinity, and from quotes like we read from John (above), we know there is an unseen “aspect” to him, too…

The question of “what” God is, is probably the closest I’ve come to understanding what the Trinity is…

Dunno if it helps, but just to repeat it… we know who God is; Jesus is God… but then what God is - is Trinitarian in essence… and it involves things we cannot see or explain…

We just have to believe it…

Marriage is the best analogy. That’s why St JP2 calls marriage “the primordial sacrament”, or the most basic sign of what God is like.

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I have heard it described this way, but it probably falls foul of some obscure heresy if examined too deeply because all analogies seem to fall short.

Edit: I deleted it because its true, all analogies fall short :slight_smile:

If we could fit this mystery of God into our intellect then He would not be God. Because it would mean that our infinite God was finite. The existence of mystery in our faith is not a stumbling block, but rather a testimony that we believe in a great God, and not something devised by man.

In prayer one can ask Jesus to teach us about the Father, one can ask the Father to teach us about the Son and in prayer one can ask the Father and the Son to teach you about the Holy Spirit… This is in relationship and still the mystery is lived.

Trinitarian theology is one of the most complex and sensitive topics of theology. Talking about Trinity is a kind of minefield, because although defining Trinity is really difficult, the Church is very clear about what Trinity isn’t (with various formulations and conceptions having been condemned as heresies). The thing is, when you try to explain Trinity even with the best intentions, it is scarily easy to fall into one of them.

First, let me contend, than the concept, truth, and reality of the Holy Trinity might be difficult to explain in “some” languages, but certainly is not incredibly difficult to explain in “any” language, because we are spoke to by God through the only universal language, which is the language of Love.

Then, if I may be so bold, let me offer that its not the explanation that is difficult, it is the understanding and acceptance. None of the “Mysteries” are easily accepted without the theological virtue of Faith.

Examples include the true presence, purgatory, the immaculate conception, et. al., all of which are difficult to explain in any language other than the language of love, and are difficult to understand or accept without Faith.

Rejoice in the Lord Always!

Have you seen this video?

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