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I have a straight forward question that I have been thinking about for a while: Since we can refer to Jesus as the “Son of God”, and the Holy Spirit as the “Spirit of God”, or the “Spirit of Christ”, is it possible to refer to the Father as the 'Father of God", as I have never heard any one refer to Him as such?


Wouldn’t that mean you were talking about “Grandpa” of Jesus on His Father’s side?:stuck_out_tongue:

Catechism of the Catholic Church


No, because we refer to Mary as the “Mother of God”, because she is the mother of Jesus.

What you may have inadvertantly said in your quote is that Jesus is not God, only the father is God.


I’m sorry.

I thought you were talking about God the Father had a “Father” as in “Father of God” as in the first person of the Trinity?

But I see that you are talking about Jesus’ Father as in the “Father of God”.

I get what you were saying… sorry my bad:blush:


It’s fun to play the semantics games. But, no God is not referred to as the Father of God. He is indeed referred to as God the Father.

Straight forward answer: The Lord thy God is One. The semantics play a role in helping us to differentiate the Persons of the Godhead. But God has no Father because God is GOD. :smiley:


Wow, this one will make your brain hurt if you think about it too hard for too long.:stuck_out_tongue: God the Father is indeed the father of God the Son, but trying to ponder any deeper into it than that is likely to give you a headache. We mostly refer to God the Father as such because that’s the closest approximation in human terms to His relationship with us. I think the full dynamic of the eternal relationship between the Father and Son falls squarely in the realm of the imponderable.

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