God will find a way

I try to pray the rosary daily, but sometimes I get really busy. Yesterday was such a day.

All day long in the back of my mind I kept hearing a little voice saying, “Pray the rosary!” And I kept putting it off, having to rush to do another task at work, getting distracted, whatever excuse I had. I kept brushing God aside, ignoring that little voice, and I knew it wasn’t right, but I was just SO BUSY.

Yesterday evening I had to cantor at Marian Devotions, which usually conists of hymns, a reading, a psalm, and the Litany of Loretto. When I got there I discovered that they had changed the format and instead we were going to pray the rosary.

As I knelt to pray the rosary with the community of sisters and fellow choir members, I swear I heard God say, “AHA! GOTCHA!”


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