God Wouldn't Lie, but


God also said to Moses, "I amYHWH.
As El-Shaddai I appeared to
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
but my name,YHWH, I did
not make known to them."

  • Exodus 6:2-3I am [just] a little disturbed but what God said to Moses, reveal-
    ing to Moses his name, that Abraham Isaac & Jacob knew God
    as “God the Almighty”, that THE Name of God was not known
    to them, yet we find earlier in Genesis:
    *Abraham named the site
    YHWH-yireh; hence people
    now say, "On the mountain
    YHWH will see."
  • Genesis 22:14I thought God said that Abraham didn’t know God’s Name, so what is this?
    Fortunately, where in the Bible there seems to be an inconsistency, there’s
    always an answer. Anybody?
    [RIGHT]*If anybody wonders, I believe “the LORD” (all caps)
    indicates “YHWH”, so is that where I’m mistaking?


That is a somewhat unusual translation compared to the ones I am familiar with. My understanding of that passage is that it is supposed to be translated more like, “But by my name YHWH, I did not make myself known to them.” Not as in, I didn’t let them know my name, but as in, I kept something of myself hidden from them – and He revealed it to Moses.


I think this is where you’re getting confused, unless you can provide a good bible translation that actually uses YHWH instead of “the LORD”.

Per my understanding an all capital LORD was used to refer to God as so not to be confused with a human lord, as in a ruler of land.


Actually, my wife’s Spanish Bible uses Yave’ (the Spanish translitteration of the term). Also, in the NAB, it explains that the term LORD is used to designate YHWH, because the Jews believed that it was improper to use the proper name of God (IIRC, tradition held that only the High Priest could state the Holy Name, and even then only when appearing in the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur). As such, above every place where YHWH appears in the Torah, they made a notation to say “Adonai” (the LORD/my LORD).


The All Caps “LORD” I honestly did think was to substitute YHWH, one
translation that does this being the New American Bible (Not to be con-
fused with the New American **Standard **Bible). I believe “LORD” substi-
tutes YHWH (out of respect), “Lord” (God) translating from Adonai, and
“lord” (human) translates from adoni.
[RIGHT](Just saw powerofk
already answered)


The tetragrammaton (YHWH) is unpronounceable, and is the unspeakable name of God to the Jews (who use G-d and L-rd to avoid even writing the Name of the Almighty). The Jerusalem Bible makes frequent use of YHWH, and Benedict XVI strongly urged that “Lord” be substituted. In the Jerusalem Bible-based Catholic Truth Society Bible (UK) after 2007, YHWH has been replaced with Lord.


Moses is credited with the writing of the Pentatuch (cf. Ex. 34:27) and he would have written these books after God had revealed His name to him. It seems that from the very start of his written record, Moses’ writing style included identifying God by using the personal name which had been revealed to him. (see Ex. 2:4 and subsequent verses).

If you do a word search on “lord” in the Pentatuch (vatican.va/archive/ENG0839/F.HTM) you’ll find only a couple other occasions prior to God’s revelation of His name to Moses, where “Lord” is used instead of “LORD” when it was God who was present:
Gen 18:27-32 several times in Abraham’s conversation with one of the three heavenly visitors
Gen 20:4 God comes to Abimelech in a dream and Abimelec addresses Him as “Lord”

Two other times appear when Moses records His conversation with God immediately after God has revealed His name:
Exod 4:10 But Moses said to the LORD, "Oh, my Lord, I am not eloquent, either
Exod 4:13 But he said, “Oh, my Lord, send, I pray, some other person.”


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