Godchild does not attend CCD/Church


My God child who is now 10, has never attended CCD, nor made her first communion. they also do not go to Church. I feel I have an obligation for her Catholic upbringing and my Godchilds Father/Mother -who happen to be my younger brother and his wife are not being careful with her soul. I have asked my brother about why he doesn’t attend Mass ( we were both raised Catholic) he says he doesn’t beleive we have to go, that if you are a good person that is what matters.I asked him if he believed in God and he said Yes but doesn’t really know if he beleives all the “other stuff” (his words-not mine). I asked him about CCD and communion and he said…’.when does she have the time with softball practice etc…she plays year around on a travel team’

I need advice.


Sorry about this canne. I don’t know what your relationship is with your brother but these things can be tricky. I would be teasing my brother endlessly and saying things like “oh come on! Don’t you want to see her all dressed up for 1st communion?” Then at some point, I’d get out pictures of when we were little and had ours. :smiley: I know that isn’t bringing God into the picture or lecturing about saving her soul, but sometimes when people are simply not connected and have no interest, you have to use a bit of charm. More flies with honey sorta thing. :wink: I always have faith that eventually they will get it.

Other than modeling your faith and praying, I would try and invite him and his wife to parish events. Like I said, I don’t know what your relationship is like but if they are really busy, maybe you could offer to take her to CCD. Maybe if you were teaching the class? I don’t know if you would be interested in something like that.

I hope this helps, it’s hard because I don’t know your situation.


Sound advice, anamchara… We’ve experience some of the same struggles in our family and it can be difficult. Prayers for the intercession of St. Monica work for Godparents just as much as they work for mom and dad.
pax et bonum,


If you are close enough, consider asking your family member if you can take her to church with you. That’s the vow you took at her baptism, to help raise her Catholic.

If that is not so easy, then with every birthday or Christmas gift, give her a book/video/game/ picture/religious article/rosary…plant wonderful seeds and see where they grow.
Share your own faith stories with her. Write her a note, or an email and start a wonderful relationshp by modeling your own faith to her. Can’t hurt trying. Her soul is at stake.

Check out this wonderful book for more valuable ideas as her godparent. actapublications.com/detail.html?session=988ada7f9e79bf48c9648682cc4949b0&cat=&id=0-87946-104-7


Thank you for your responses and advice, you have all been quite helpful. My brother and I are fairly close and I see him 2/3 times a week, the children and my SIL not as much. I would love to have her attend CCD with me…I actually do teach 4th grade Cathecism but she is nearly 30 minutes away from class. I like the idea of asking to have her attend Mass with us and inviting my brother and SIL to Church events. Thanks so much.


Is it possible to get permission to instruct her in the faith via homeschooling using the material approved by her diocese? If your brother is open to the idea, explain the situation to the diocese (he may have to give his consent) and they may let you do that so that she (and the other children, you should consider helping their souls too, even if they aren’t your godchildren) may receive the sacraments. I know that down the road this may be the only option for my goddaughter since my brother says that “Jesus rides next to me in the car” as the reason he doesn’t attend mass.


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