Godchild does not go to Mass


Our Godchild does not go to Mass. The reason given is that the child misbehaves. What is a Godparent supposed to do? My children are not perfect but we stilll take them.


If its only a baby or toddler who couldnt understand it anyway, then its ok, and perhaps its a good idea to wait till theyre old enough.But if its an older child, then it should go.Perhaps you could teach them good manners?


How old is the child?

We’ve always taken our infants/toddlers to Mass, but I know some parents choose to swap Mass times and stay home with the babies/toddlers…


Maybe 2 and a half or so.


My philosophy has always been that they will never learn to behave in Mass if they never go to Mass. My children go to Mass every Sunday from the time they are conceived, barring illness. We make it to most Holy Days, too, but sometimes we forget. Yes, we spend a good amount of the time between the ages of about 16 months and 2 1/2 to 3 years old taking them out of Mass and disciplining inappropriate behavior, but you do that all the time at that age anyway. Mass is at least as important as every day life.

Have a gentle talk with the parents about your concern. But realize… THEY are the parents. This decision is up to them. If you are local, you could offer to take the child to Mass with you.

Do the parents themselves regularly go, or do you suspect that they may be using the child’s behavior as an excuse for their own non-attendance? Some people are culturally Catholic enough to want their child baptized, and they enroll them in RE when it’s time to “do sacraments,” but don’t practice other than that. I know one family like that with one of my daughter’s good friends. I wonder why the sacraments are so important if they don’t practice the faith that goes along with them… but at least the child is getting whatever grace he can and learning at least something about his faith. :o


Maybe offer to go with them to Mass so you could help walk the child to the back/outside if he gets too loud or is misbehaving (which happens at this age)…
It is tough to concentrate on the Mass with a busy 2 1/2 year old, but offering to go along and help may be a great option!


Not taking the kid to mass, that would be enabling . . . or something. I think it may be an excuse as I doubt there is any tears shed because Sundays are at home doing whatever. Also, this person would explode if this was brought up. I suppose I can at least pray.


My Godchild doesn’t go to Mass and he’s 8 :(. I have taken him myself to Mass, obviously if his parents don’t, it doesn’t mean as much to him. I pushed for catholic school and he’s going, so maybe that will inspire things to change. 2 is very young, so long as the parents go, even if not together until he is older, I wouldn’t worry.
Pray and pray.


So, it’s not actually the *child *who is not attending Mass, it’s the parents.

If the child is disruptive, which I doubt is the case, then it is the duty of the parents to *split *their Mass attendance and child-care duties and each attend a separate Mass.

Their obligation to attend Mass remains.


This is what I said to the parents of my godson:

“Let me know when you can’t make it to Mass and I’ll take him.”

They started going more regularly.


1 parent (the same one) goes. The other parent always stays home. They don’t trade off.


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