#GodConversation with Bishop Barron and Dr. William Lane Craig

Leading Christian Apologists Bishop Robert Barron and Dr. William Lane Craig had a #GodConversation before a live audience in Claremont, CA.


Both of these individuals were well-prepared for this event as a fruit of their long series of achievements in philosophy, theology, ethics, teaching, apologetics, evangelism, pastoral care, personal piety and more.


How about a non Facebook link?

Word on Fire published a nice page for the event.

Page Link: http://bit.ly/2BablUV

The page includes a new link for the video of the evening event. It includes an outline of the evening discussion. It includes recordings of the academic conversation earlier in the day.

Dr. William Lane Craig is an accomplished philosopher whose accomplishments include teaching, writing and debate events with many of the famous “new atheists”. These debate events included many of the same “new atheists” whom Bishop Barron has cited over the years.

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Very interesting conversation.

I really enjoyed the dialogue but caught second-hand embarrassment when Barron asked Crag why he wasn’t a Catholic. Good for him to be bold enough to ask it!

[Craig’s answer was that there were too many things Catholics believe that he didn’t: he listed Immaculate Conception, Assumption, and justification]

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