Godmother and grandmother too?

Is it ok for a grandmother to also be the godmother? My son will be baptised this summer and we have decided to ask my brother, who is catholic, to be the godfather. I have been told that the godparents should be around the same age as us, but we don’t know any catholic females our age. My mother would consider it a huge honor to be the godmother. She is also catholic. But my wife is very much against it because of the age issue. We are considering asking my wife’s sister or a friend, neither of whom are catholic, to be the godmother. The problem is, being passed up for godmother is really going to hurt my mother. She and my wife have had a tremendous amount of animosity between each other, and this will only inflame it. In fact, just having those two in the same room with each other is very stressful for me because I never know when world war 3 will break out. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get our baby baptised without problems? I have been considering just not having any godparents.

I don’t think there is a problem with it. My husband’s grandfather was his godfather. He was the most spiritual person at the time for the family to be a godparent so it made the most sense.

An elderly couple in our parish are the godparent of both their granddaughters. The girls couldn’t have a better example of living the faith.

You can’t have NO godparents, but you can have just one. Would that work for you?

Nothing prevents a grandmother or grandfather from being a child’s Godparent.

My parents are the Godparents of my oldest son and now (17 years later) one of them is going to be his sponsor at his Confirmation. Both my parents have been a great example of true Faith to my entire family, so much so that my beautiful wife of almost 20 years (in April) is half way through RCIA (which I attend with her and I am also a sponsor) and will come into the church at Easter Vigil. So, if the grandparents are faithful catholics… why not let them be the godparents too and that example of faithful living.


Our second son had his maternal grandfather for his godfather, and his paternal grandmother for his godmother. They both lived long enough to see him grow up, and he felt that he had a special relationship with his devout grandfather because he was his godson. This worked out well in our family.

There is no problem at all with a grandparent being a Godparent as well. On the other hand, it’s impossible for someone who isn’t Catholic (or Orthodox) to be a Godparent.

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