Godmother who has previously aborted

I am aware of Catgolic woman in the Phoenix, AZ area who had an abortion in the past who has begun the process of being a godmother for her niece. As I understand it, this is not supposed to be possible is it? Isn’t someone who has had an abortion in the past supposed to be excommunicated from the church?
If so, what happen to the baby’s soul who now has an excommunicated woman as a godmother? Is the baby even baptized/capable of being baptized with the abortioner as a godparent?

I’m a bit confused…

I’m really confused as to how you know any of this.

Yes, abortion is subject to an excommunication in line with the normal stipulations of cannon law. However, that does not make it an unforgivable sin or irreversible. You can be forgiven and restored from abortion just like everything else if you truly repent.

And furthermore, the godparents, or for that matter, the parents or the priest’s individuals sins or failings have absolutely nothing to do with the state of the child’s soul. Baptism is efficacious because of Christ, no other reason.

My concern was more of the validity of the (pending) baptism-in-progress because the aborter had been excommunicated (she has not repented or confessed). The guidelines for becoming a godparent seemed fairly specific that someone who had been excommunicated were ineligible.

This is a very topic for several reasons.

First, you must never assume when we’re talking about excommunications, much less with confession and absolution. Do you verifiably know that she did not receive a dissolution of the excommunication (if an excommunication did indeed occur, which it may not have), and that she did not confess?

Second, I am pretty sure that this has absolutely no effect on the validity of the baptism.

This is an occasion in which I would give the benefit of the doubt unless I was absolutely certain.

You do not know if she is in a state of excommunicated or not, and if she is it has absolutely no affect on the validity of the baptism. Not even the priest being excommunicated would affect the validity of the baptism.

It’s my understanding under canon law, all who have abortions are automatically excommunicated (catholicdoors.com/faq/qu70.htm) regardless.

I am curious what makes you believe that I know of whether she was excommunicated or not.

Here seem to be godparent prerequisites - (cmri.org/02-godparents-responsibility.shtml)

The link you posted is not to a Catholic site. It’s a group of sedevacantists. They pick and chose what Catholic beliefs they will adhere to, but they are not faithful to the Magisterium nor do they accept our current or last few Popes.

There are many factors that can lessen culpability for sin and excommunication.

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