Godparent choice has embraced atheism and abortion


My daughters baptism is 2 weeks away, and my sister just informed me that my nephew (who is 17) has just started becoming a rather militant atheist, and embracing the abortion and ‘gay marriage’ agenda. Apparently…if I was on Facebook I would have known all this before I asked him to be a Godparent.

Pray for us, if you please.


So, choose another godparent.


Well..yeah of course Captain Obvious! :D


Perhaps you should speak to him directly and explain the true role of a Godparent. If he is unable to be a Godparent in light of his current spirituality then at his age he would certainly understand if you told him that you would need someone else to take his place. Some people see this as an “honorary” roll and if you feel that way then let him be the Godparent. Personally, if I were him I would want you to talk to me directly about this.


Right on…a godparent is supposed to uphold the faith.



I should have included this with the Op.

Of course we are going to pick another (from the pretty thin supply chain) Godparent.

And yes…I will be speaking with him directly. We do not considera Godparent an honorary title.


But what kind of atheist would accepts such a role anyway:shrug:
It amazes me how hypocritical some are.


Well it would probably be what my sons would do–my sons are grown but let’s say I had another child. Chances are I would die while that child is pretty young. My son would take her to Church and CCD and all of that per my wishes but he rejects the faith for himself. So I guess it can happen but I’d be afraid that it might not be done…and if the child asks questions you want a Catholic who loves the Church to be answering them.


That's a shame about your nephew. Pray for the poor guy.


Yeah…picking a 17 year old male for a godparent…:shrug: dicey at best, unless he is discerning a vocation.

Glad you found this out before he actually received that honorable position.

Facebook has its uses.


Pick someone older, who has already been through all these phases in life...


May the Lord grant you and your spouse wisdom and grace as you take the next step in baptising your child. May he also offer you the wisdom, patience, and ability to share your faith with your nephew in the hopes that he will find himself closer to the Church. And lastly, may your Nephew be granted the love and peace of God as he tries to navigate his life through what has become a very challenging world, especially for young people.

You all will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Boulder257 that was beautiful - sounded just like a Blessing


For heaven sake, he is 17. People of that age question a lot, it is their job.

I come down on the side of talking to him about this. It might give him a chance to explore some of his thinking with a trusted person who is more mature in their faith. You may decide mutually that he is not ready for this responsibility now, but at least you open a door to more discussion later if he wants.


Thanks friend!


Yes…all true. My mom recommended him! She, of course, is not on Facebook…

Its a rather long story, more fit for another thread, but he has not seen a lot of authenticity in the the practice of faith. I’m rather looking forward to discussing all this with him. My first reaction was that maybe there is a girl involved! After all, he is rather young and at 17 it is waaaay too easy to have the hormonal sway of conscience.


Always my pleasure to pray for another. I will keep praying for you and your family.


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