Godparent Problem.

My brother asked me if I would be godfather to his daughter and I said yes.

My brother was brought up Catholic like me but his wife is an atheist and they married outside any church.

She will be baptised in an Anglican church, I suddenly realised this could cause a problem.

I don’t know why my brother icked this church maybe it is because he doesn’t go to church but wants her baptised.

Would I have to explain to the vicar that I am a Catholic and that is how I would teach her to be or should I not go? I wouldn’t know what to say to him.

It is all very confusing.


How can you be a godparent if the child isn’t going to be raised Catholic?

I’m not sure how the Anglican Church handles such a situation. If it were me, I suppose I would go with the mother and father and speak with the vicar. Honesty is the best policy.

Now I’m sure no matter what happens, you will always pray for your niece and set the best Christian example for her. One of the godparent’s responsibilities is to ensure that the child is raised in the Faith, should something (God forbid!) happen to the parents. Would you try to see to it that she is raised Anglican or Catholic? Myself, I would let the parents know beforehand that, should the need arise, I would make every attempt to steer the child towards the Catholic Church, but that’s just me. God bless you all as you work through this.

I found this info page:

I would think Anglicans would need an Anglican Godparent. But as the previous poster said, you’ll just have to ask. You may not be eligible. :shrug:

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