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My wife and I were named as Godparents for her sister’s oldest son when he was baptized as an infant 16 years ago. My wife is a practicing cradle Catholic and is very active in the church. I converted to Catholic at Easter 2007 and am now very active in the church also. We both work with the RCIA program, I am a facilitator/team member for the adults program, she works with the kids program because she used to teach CCD until this year.

I know that I was not really a godfather when my nephew was baptized, because I was not Catholic at the time. However, they used the term godfather at the time and for all I know the baptismal certificate lists me as godfather, I haven’t seen it so I don’t know.

My sister-in-law is not a practicing Catholic. Her husband is not a Catholic. Her boys only go to Faith Formation (CCD) classes because my wife has pushed her to sign them up and pulled some strings with the church to make sure they got in, even though there has been a waiting list in the past. My nephew is now saying that he does not like going to the Faith Formation classes and wants to drop out. Big Surprise.:rolleyes:

My question is am I now considered his godfather, having become Catholic, with all the responsibilities attendant to that role? I am at a point in my faith life where I think I could be beneficial to his faith development, but am unsure how to approach it. Does anyone have any good advice?

I guess Im going to answer you with more questions lol…

Have you asked him why?
If it is because he doesnt seem religious or doesnt believe (ask him what questions he has and try to answer them well! I’m sure you will since you are involved in RCIA yourself).
If there is a lifeteen mass I woukd encourage to take him there, or maybe go out of your way to take him to that mass at another church. I am only 22, and I can tell you I know a lot of people who changed their views about Catholicism and religion in general going to Lifeteen and the programs they have.
Also, this may be because his family does not take him to mass (from what I understand) so you need to encourage them to come with you! Or just him up!!

It is not your duty to make sure he stays Catholic- you are supposed to be a positive role model of the Catholic faith and guide him in his faith walk on this Earth. (But he’s a teenager, and he doesnt have parents to guide him with faith- so in that sense you do have to take the parents role in helping him be a good Catholic child of God. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps. I would recommend finding him books that answer questions about the Church and God in general. Try and find something age appropriate he will actually read. And maybe if you can find the Answer Bible NAB, he may enjoy that as well.

You of course can act as his Godfather, nothing wrong with that. You are technically not , you were a Christian Witness to the Baptism. Your wife is his Godmother, you have the opportunity to help her in this, You could however now become his Confirmation Sponsor.

second this, you can also be someone he can talk to know to express what he is really feeling about CCD, and to take him to Mass which is even more important. He is probably objecting to CCD because he is old enough to see they inherent hypocrisy in the actions of parents who are teaching him the faith while they do not practice it, and you can help him work toward a mature faith of his own, without judging his parents.

No, you are not considered his godfather.

From the Introduction of the Rite of Confirmation:
“5. … In view of contemporary pastoral circumstances, it is desirable that the godparent at baptism, if available, also be the sponsor at confirmation. This change expresses more clearly the link between baptism and confirmation and also makes the function and responsibility of the sponsor more effective.
Nonetheless the option of choosing a special sponsor for confirmation is not excluded. …”.
(The Rites Volume One, Liturgical Press, 1990, ISBN: 0-8146-6015-0, page 480).

So in choosing a sponsor for confirmation then you, your wife (or someone else) could be chosen as the sponsor. But this text would favor your wife, because she was a godparent at baptism.

Thanks everyone for the responses. I will see if I can find a way to get through to him and see what his obhections are. Maybe I can get him the answers he needs.

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