Godparent’s Spouse


When a person is asked to be a godparent and later gets married, will the new spouse be considered a godparent as well? Or how would that relationship with the godchild work?


The god parent is the god parent. For example my uncle was my god father and he was married to my aunt. a friend of my mother was my god mother.


This is the situation for my oldest’s godmother and her husband. He’s actually Muslim, so it’s an unusual dynamic - but he has taken on a kind of “secular godparent” role if that makes sense. But his wife is the godmother, and another friend is the godfather.


No. The godparent(s) are the people who sponsored the child at baptism and/or confirmation. Their spouses are not godparents.

That depends on how close the godparent is to their godchild and how much the new spouse interacts with the godchild.

In some cases I imagine no relationship would develop and in other cases a close one would develop.


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