I have a slightly confusing situation… I received all the sacraments of initiation at the Easter Vigil. But, I don’t know who my godparent is. My grandfather was my godparent at the Rite of Election… Due to a mix up with dates he couldn’t be at the Easter Vigil because he was out of the country. So, my BF “stood in” for him at the Easter Vigil. So my question is which one of them is my actual godparent?


Your grandfather would be your Godparent by proxy. Your BF represented him at the Vigil. Make sure that the church has recorded this correctly.


Yes, I agree and would love to see this in Church writing. They still fight about this practice in our parish. The one who is in good standing with in the Catholic Church and accepted the responsibility to assist you in finding your way as a Catholic is your Godparent. The one who stood in during a temporary absence of the Godparent with full understanding his role was temporary and is authorized by the godparent is the proxy. Proxy is one who acts for or on behalf of another. And yes on your form to the office you should list your grandfather by name, and if asked explain a proxy was present for the ceremony. I have been the proxy twice yet I have no Godchild


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