Godparents responsibility?


We are converts to the Catholic faith. A few years after we were receive into the Church, a couple we know also converted. Their kids had never been baptized, so they asked us to be godparents to their sons and another couple to be godparents to their daughter.

As we had received a great deal of help from our wonderful parish school in terms of helping us raise our kids Catholic, we encouraged this couple to also use the Catholic school. Their daughter (oldest) went to 2nd grade at our parish school last year, which is highly affordable, only $40 a month for the first child and $20 for the second.

It was difficult for the family to accept some of the things at the Catholic school – more discipline, more personal responsibility expected from the children, higher standards of education, grading on a tougher curve, etc. However, their girl did very well.

Meanwhile, another baby has arrived for this family and the mother, formerly an evangelical protestant, is struggling with various Catholic teachings. Her family has opposed Catholicism from the beginning, and I know she feels pressure from them.

So the parents told us that they are pulling their daughter out of Catholic school and she and her brother (kindergartener) will go to public school this year. We offered to pay for Catholic school if money was the issue (it’s only an extra $60 a month for us), but they refused, so we know it’s not just money.

Now, there is little I can say about the choice of schooling, especially for the daughter, but I am her brothers’ godmother and my husband is their godfather. We have a responsibility for their Catholic education.

I’m thinking of offering to take the children to CCD, as I teach 2nd graders there anyway…I don’t really want to pay the $40 a month because for just $20 more, they could go to Catholic School full time and have religion every day, not just one hour a week, but I can do that. But my husband thinks it might be overstepping and we might risk them calling off the friendship for good.

The question is, since we are the boys’ godparents, do we take the risk?

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