My daughter’s godmother is my sister and not a practicing Catholic. I knew she had fallen away from the church when we decided to ask her. Unfortunately, two years ago, I was not as knowledgeable about the Catholic Church as I am now. I know I cannot take that role away from her as a godmother, but what do I do? I continue to pray for her, but some advice would be welcome. Thank you.

As your sister is an official witness to your daughter’s baptism, she will remain your daughter’s godmother of record. If she is not interested in fulfilling the other duties of godmotherhood, such as assisting in your daughter’s faith formation, you can ask a Catholic friend or relative whose spiritual maturity you trust to be a mentor to your daughter. Perhaps, in time, your daughter might choose her mentor to be her confirmation sponsor. Of course, if your sister returns to the practice of her faith, she should be invited to participate in your daughter’s faith formation.

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