God's almightiness

I know God is almighty, but doesn’t God’s nature decreases his mightiness. I mean he cannot say 1+1=3. Doesn’t that decrease his mightiness?

The laws of logic and nature are part of his mightiness. He is Order, as opposed to Chaos.

God cannot perform, do, make, etc a self-contradiction.

He can’t make something be what it isn’t.
He can’t make two men each taller than the other.
He can’t make a square circle.

And so on.

This in no way takes away from his omnipotence. It is no deficiency or limitation to not be able to do what is impossible even for an omnipotent being.

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One of the explanations could be that 1+1=2 is God’s creation so he can change it whenever he wants it to 1+1=3. But how can we explain such a paradox? We all heard it. Can God make a rock so hard He couldn’t lift it? A possible answer might be no, He can’t because He can’t contradict his nature. But if He can’t contradict His nature, doesn’t that make him not almighty?

Interesting how some people will become fixated on some erroneous idea,
and no amount of reasoning will move them from the error.
It’s sad. :confused:

See my post 3 in this thread.
And if that’s not enough convince you, and I know it isn’t, consider this.

Can God make*** himself ***both exist and not exist at the same time?
Obviously not. Does this make him non-omnipotent? No reasonable person will say yes.

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