God's Answer Was Completely Unexpected

For the past several months, I’ve been a bit lost. I quit my job to start my own work. I’ve been rotting in a cubical. My work was unhealthy and went against many of my core beliefs, so I have no real regrets in leaving.

I’ve been pretty depressed lately and have isolated myself from many of my friends. It’s not so much depression as a reassessment and rebirth. But this period has been difficult. I’m not wealthy and have had to watch my money.

Anyway, I’ve done one of the craziest things and took a homeless person into my home. They guy’s 26 (I’m 31) and he hadn’t eaten in two days, and has been sleeping in Chicago’s subway cars. He seemed to be showing symptoms of sleep deprivation and hunger. I couldn’t just leave him.

Living in Chicago, I see a number of homeless people. However, it felt like God called on me in this one moment. He’s harmless (and doesn’t do drugs and is not an alcoholic), and he seems to have a good head on his shoulder–but lived a tough life (being a foster child, in and out of the system).

Part of our deal is that he’s to work with some of the community orginations, secure a social worker, and take care of any psychological and physical needs.

I’m not looking for a pat on the back, but here’s the kicker: in helping him, God is beginning to answer my prayers. The rut I’ve been in for the past few months is giving ways to new opportunities–spiritually. It’s as if God answered my prayer. I have taken him to game night with my friends and he’s cleaning up fine. In finding him help in the community, has connected me to the community resources I needed.

I’m really not articulating the correct thoughts, but it’s as if this was a part of God’s plan to help me help myself. Things seem to be changing for the better–in a way I least expected it to. My life’s taking a whole new direction.

Wow. That’s so wonderful. I’m very happy for you. Isn’t it amazing when a prayer gets answered? I mean, we KNOW it happens, but when it happens to us, it just brings such great joy. How wonderful for you. I hope many great things follow for you. Keep us posted! :slight_smile:

That is wonderful!!

So happy for both of you!!

One of my longtime friends who is a missionary in Russia did something along these lines and reaped similar benefits. I myself have had a related experience that I won’t go into, but believe me when I say I have an idea of what you mean and it is indeed wonderful. May God bless you abundantly! :thumbsup:

Wow, that story is really inspiring! :slight_smile: Perhaps it is the answer to a prayer in the context that you are fulfilling your role as a son of God; we are all brothers and sisters to one another and should take care of each other, and by doing that, you were realizing your true Self. :slight_smile:

Hearing this actually made my day.

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I have taken in an acquaintance before: he was in desperate need, having been evicted from his house some 100 miles from mine and he had to use a public PC to get a message to me as his last resort. All he had were the clothes on his back. I felt it my duty to rescue him, but also I fed him, clothed him, gave him shelter. I even attended an ordination later on the same day, so how could I ignore the exortation to feed the needy, clothe, shelter them, etc, that we read in the Bible?

It was fortunate that I did, because after I got him back on his feet, bought him a new suit, etc, within three weeks he had started a job and was paying rent. And that rent kept the wolf from my door that could well have been a disaster for me. Happy coincidence or divine benevolence? You can make up your own mind…

Charity towards others, be it material or spiritual always yields its own rewards, one way or another.

Obviously one should not allow oneself to be taken for a ride by a con-artist, and be sure of the need of the other party but real need is often plainly evident and there is often real joy in meeting that need for someone.

WintersKnight, it sounds like you’re giving your newfound friend’s Guardian Angel a well earned rest. Stay on top of the situation and of course be vigilant in case there’s a risk of your good nature being abused, but certainly I salute you. You are a beacon of generosity in a very self-centred world.

I want to thank everyone for their kind words. But the truth is, most everyone on this forum would help a person in need. It’s what Catholics (and most all Christians) do.

I am highly disappointed in the way our social welfare system is set up. The young man I took in has had psychological problems. I have tapped into just about every shelter, food pantries, long-term housing options, and agencies in the area, and no one is willing to take this man in (without being on a 3 month waiting list).

The government has put so much red tape and bureaucracy in the arena of social justice, that it’s almost impossible for any homeless individual to access immediate care in times of crisis.

The man has no ID, no social security card and no birth certificate. The agency I’m working with (which is supposed to be one of the best) will be able to work with him once he gets documentation, and reinstates his SSI, which will take at least a month or two. Then they’ll be able to place him on a waiting list for long-term housing. In the meantime, they expect him to sleep in the subway cars. The shelters are overcrowded and I found out access to them is very difficult. Plus he needs medical care. (Our tax money at work)

I dropped him off at the emergency room today, so they could assess his mental health. He needs meds. But still, it’s a quick fix that won’t last long. So, I’ll keep praying. This experience has opened my eyes. It’s sad to see so many stuck in an endless cycle of poverty.

I will be writing to my government officials, who consider themselves to be ‘public servants’. It’s simply inexcusable. The system is set up for individuals to fail and start from the beginning. Thanks for letting me vent this out.

Well first of all congratulations on living the Gospel :thumbsup:

Yes you are right the government has created a lot of red tape. That is why I believe we should go back to local government and local charity. This to me is better. I think that we should follow subsidiarity

Well first of all congratulations on living the Gospel. Yes you are right the government has created a lot of red tape. That is why I believe we should go back to local government and local charity. This to me is better. I think that we should follow subsidiarity

I agree. There’s something wrong when the elderly, displaced and meek go without, all the while an underage teenager can walk into a clinic and have an abortion. The government is simply ineffective at doing anything but raising taxes.

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