God's approval

Do we have to earn God’s approval(pleasure)?

Well, this is only my humble opinion… but… that’s kind of like asking… “Does a newborn have to earn his parents approval?”.

My heart tells me… no, we don’t have to earn God’s approval. He loves each one of us… into existance. He loves us from all eternity… and He loves us enough to have died for us… so that we can be with Him, one day in Heaven. He approves of each one of us… or we wouldn’t even be here… typing these questions now. God, truly IS our “Father”.

Having said that, however… we DO each have a free will. God doesn’t force US to love HIM (as He, loves us). He leaves the choice to us. We can choose to love Him… by obeying His commandments… and serving Him, while on earth. And if we do… we will be with Him in Heaven. This is God’s hope (His Will) for each of us.

Or… we can reject Him. By sinning. And if we take that route, we will end up in hell. For all eternity.

I don’t know if this answers your question. I hope it helps, though. God bless.

Great answer, thanks.:slight_smile:

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