Gods Calling


Greetings everyone!

As a child I had grew up with deaf parents and learn to sign as my first language. As a kid I had always felt that my responsibility was to help, and to defend my parents due to there disability. As I was growing up I had always been to that I should work as an interpreter, but I always said no I had my own aspirations. Fast forward to my late high school days I had drifted away from my faith and from god. But recently as I began coming back to church a priest informed me that a deaf man was looking at joining the church. So I just couldn't ignore the fact that god had a specific plan for me anymore, and that god want's me to interpret for those who are deaf. Ss I would just ask that you all pray for me so I make the right decision.



I think it is wonderful you are able to help others find their faith and I will definitely pray for you.


There is a poster on another forum who has just discerned her place in life is to be a deaf interpreter. She had been drawn to religious life, but God let her know that she was to be where she is right now. The deaf need her.

I am thinking St Francis de Sales is the patron of the deaf.



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