God's Drunken Glory?

This is what these folks believe; that God can essentially get you high, drunk, all that. I suppose they might have some things correct; Frankincense being a possible substitute for dangerous drugs due to it’s potency and purity, and overall health benefits of using it. Though I’ve a few doubts and objections myself; the way they sniff bibles, or in general seem to act. It just doesn’t seem deep on theology, philosophy, etc. Thoughts? Opinions?

---------------Video can be seen in the link---------------


We are to avoid drunkeness and keep a sober vigilant mind.What you see in the video may be a sort of mass hypnosis mind control.

The people falling over after being touched as in the Toronto incident possibly have encountered the spirit of python or kundalini. It is very easy for a master to pass it on to another person especially if that person is not under God’s grace.

An encounter with this spirit or force often causes people to fall on the floor and experience intense waves of bliss just as certain drugs which alter the mind do.

That’s exactly what I thought! Though I’m still curious as to why these people don’t know that by now. Well, as the bible says: Satan is a demon who tries to act like an angel of Light.

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