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If we receive at baptism the same grace that Mary was born with, sanctifying grace, then does that mean at confirmation we receive another grace? I haven’t went for absolution and indulgence for a while now and I must’ve did something wrong or not done something right because I can’t hardly stand it. I know without faith it is impossible to please god. However faith is defined there. But is it the same way with grace? I like the novenas of the 7 gifts, the prayer to st. Michael and the miraculous medal. Does this stuff just not work when your out of grace?


As I understand, there is a distinction between Sanctifying grace and Actual grace. Sanctifying Grace is for you to share in the relationship with God. Actual Grace is what helps you do good works or encourage you to go to confession etc.

So when you receive confirmation, you receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. One could say that therefore you have received Actual Grace to do good works and continue to grow in merit in the eyes of the Lord. Novenas would also work in the same way in that you would receive Actual Grace through Novenas.

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EDIT: The following discusses Actual Grace in-depth. Thought you might find it useful!


I recommend reading the stories of the Miraculous Medal. Most people are pretty dry up on faith and they turn to God…

Anything helps. My sister has all this religious stuff and she knows it is what she will go to when everything else fails, all’s it takes is for you to turn to Jesus… prayer, and the ways provided by Him and his Holy family … walk on :slight_smile:

Mary was immaculately conceived, thus she was born without original sin and is full of grace. The only person with more grace than her is Jesus. We can’t be born with the same grace as her.

and we have some grace and we have our own little part in this story

I see. Was Mary conceived of the holy spirit or Anne’s husband?


So does the miraculous medal bring faith. Growing in faith and grace is what it’s all about.


Ok. But what happens at absolution and indulgence. I always ask for both.

Good question for apologetics thread.

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