God's infinity according to Aquinas

Does anyone here understand Aquinas concept of God’s infinity? I have been trying to wrap my head around this for years and of course I can never fully understand his infinity but what is aquinas saying.

It seem like infinity according to Aquinas means that God has no limits but does that mean his knowledge, power, being etc can have no end? Isn’t that the definition of infinity not to have an end?

But Gods infinity is not to be taken in the mathematical sense so that God does not have an endless amount of knowledge but it is still endless. How do we conceive of that?

Some say that God is unlimited in knowledge and knows whatever is knowable but isn’t God knowledge himself so if his essence is infinite his knowledge is too?

Infinite is hard concept to grasp with our brains quite similar to the “nothing” from where GOD created the Universe.
Which by the way most scientists and scholars believed to BE infinite. Boy did they have it wrong.
But as for GOD HE is infinite in the sense that HE has no beginning, HE did not came about as the result of something or somebody’s action, this is why HE is described as the “uncaused cause”. Knowledge on the other hand can also be infinite since cause and effect does not necessarily need to end and the results will add to the knowledge. GOD being the first cause and HE already knows the end, possesses all the knowledge that could be produced in the process of creation.

Modern Catholic Dictionary:

INFINITY OF GOD. The boundless perfection of God. According to the teaching of the Church, God is “infinite in intellect and will and in every perfection” (First Vatican Council, Session III, Chapter I). In him there is no potentiality but only pure actuality. This means more than affirming that God has no limitations. He has within himself the fullness of all perfection, whether knowledge or power or being.

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