God's Justice x God's Mercy

“The idea that the Christian god is just is directly contradicted by the idea that the christian god is merciful. Perfect justice and any mercy are necessary directly in contradiction, because mercy is a suspension of justice.”

Anyone could help me with that?

This article might help.

If you’re familiar with Aquinas & his terms:

God is capitalized. :yup:

Perfect mercy means that all lawful debt is forgiven. Perfect justice means that all lawful debt MUST be paid in order for the debt to be forgiven.

God is both merciful and just. That OUGHT to be a contradiction, but if an infinite payment is offered for a finite debt, then the debt is forgiven (along with any interest that may be imposed).

The Sacrifice on Calvary is of infinite value. The sin of man (no matter how large) is finite. Infinite beats finite every time.

Mercy is superior to justice.

***For judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy; yet mercy triumphs over judgment. *(James 2:13)

St. Thomas Aquinas teaches that mercy contains all justice and is the fulfillment of all justice.


It is a very simple concept to understand:

Light>>>>> dark. (One cannot exist without the other; okay?)

Heat>>>>>>cold same applies

Evil>>>>>>>Good. " "

Justice>>>> Mercy ( same principle applies)

Mercy is higher than justice, trumps justice, is better than justice and is the fulness of justice. This is clearly stated in Scripture and the Catechism.

St. Thomas taught this very clearly.

**Question 21. The justice and mercy of God
Article 3. Whether mercy can be attributed to God?

God acts mercifully, not indeed by going against His justice, but by doing something more than justice; thus a man who pays another two hundred pieces of money, though owing him only one hundred, does nothing against justice, but acts liberally or mercifully. The case is the same with one who pardons an offence committed against him, for in remitting it he may be said to bestow a gift. Hence the Apostle calls remission a forgiving: “Forgive one another, as Christ has forgiven you” (Ephesians 4:32). Hence it is clear that mercy does not destroy justice, but in a sense is the fulness thereof. And thus it is said: “Mercy exalteth itself above judgment” (James 2:13). **


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