"God's Love for You" outreach brochure


Why is there no “sinner’s prayer” in Catholic Answer’s outreach brochure “God’s Love for You”? My mom’s life was transformed after she found a bible tract and prayed the sinner’s prayer. Thousands of people have prayed this prayer and begun their journey of salvation with it’s help!


The pamphlet recommends the sacrament of Reconcilliation. It starts with a ‘sinners prayer’ “oh my God, I am heartly sorry for having offended thee…”


The “Sinner’s Prayer” is inherently flawed because it teaches the prayee that they are saved from their sins independent of confession to a Priest. Many times the Prayee is also led to believe that they are now saved forever no matter what they may do or what sins they may commit from now until death. That is why we Catholics do not have “Sinner’s Prayers.” We do have the prayer that Philomena started to post and we pray it after we confess our sins. It can be just as life-changing and soul-saving as any “Sinner’s Prayer” if prayed truthfully.


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