God's love.

Hello. This Friday, I and another person will be running our local youth group. We will plan the meeting from start to finish for about two hours. We’re both 18. The topic is God’s love. We plan on playing an 8 minute video in the beginning, and then closing with another 6 min video, but we don’t know what to do in between. Any idea would be greatly appreciated:) thank you!:slight_smile:

What would the opening and closing video’s suggest as topics of conversation?

With it being a youth group…Discussions of types of Love…the difference between “worldly love” and “Godly Love” might be good…


Find some quotes from scripture and the Fathers about God’s love, and give people time to reflect on a few of these (let people choose the ones that speak strongly to them). I reccommend making up a sheet with questions that guide participants to connect the quotes with their lives. Give some time to think and make notes. Then pair everyone up and let them to share their thoughts and ideas. You could then get a few people to speak to the whole group.

art project: let people do graffiti art that expresses God’s love. Do this with spray paint on cardboard.

Get youth to compose haikus (simple poetry) about the love of God.

Some ideas…

The opening video is a video called the Bridgemaster and his son, intended to get them to open their eyes as to how much God loves them. The closing video is called a Fathers love letter, and is intended to remind them how deeply His love is for His children.

OK…I would suggest that you watch these videos and look for “talking points” in the first one that will lead to the second one…

Mostly I would suggest trying for a conversation contrasting true Christian - Godly Love to what our culture and society try to pass off as “love”…
I bet that you’ll wind up going longer than two hours…:smiley:


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