God's miricals in your life


:slight_smile: How many miricals can you think of God has done for you?This thread is for everyone God Bless Nancy


I’m not trying to sound pedantic, but the word is spelled “miracles”.


My godson is a miracle… I love that little guy! :slight_smile:



:slight_smile: Hay no problems if I spell wrong let me know because I do it all the time.Someone showed me how I could get word correction,we didn’t see it in tools. Thank YOU love of Christ Nancy:D


Sure thing, I’m just trying to help!:slight_smile:




Okay, so this is a prank thread?



I can recall one miracle when I walked into a restaurant only to find that my waiter was a captured Vladimir Putin. He was acting strangely, so I asked for the boss. The boss came out, and to my dismay, I saw that he was actually a robot. Feeling helpless, I walked outside. Then Tim and Eric approached me and said, “Great Job.” I spent the rest of the evening with Allen Ginsberg reading from poetry books at Columbia University.


From where I stand, I view everything as a miracle.

God creating me, intervening in my life, my family the whole of creation in fact.

I read an article on how our body fights the flu virus and I was almost in tears at the wonder of how exquisite creatures we are and how wonderfully made.


:slight_smile: I guess I was out to lunch Sorry:p Ive had alot of miracles happen to me. When my uncle was operated on he asked for me to pray over him and I went to Boston to do that.He was ok and after that he asked me for any books I had to help him and his wife grow in the Lord I gave him a box full and they read every one.He was a Catholic and stayed a Catholic till his death 12 years later. Now that’s just one miracle. Your turn! love of christ Nancy:)


I prayed for many months for God to help me find a decent man who’d accept me (medical problems and all) for me and was a true believer of Christ. I then met him (now my DH of almost 12 yrs. ) and on our 2nd date he asked if he could join me going to Sunday mass. A yr. later, we were married.

Another miracle was with my niece. She was born w/mitral valve prolapse and the MD told my sister that Carolynn would need surgery when she was older to close up the hole in her heart. She was scheduled to have her tonsils out 2 yrs. ago, and during the pre op testing, the cardiologist had to check her heart. He did a double take and told my sister that the hole closed up on its own (its very rare that it does) and a heart operation wouldn’t be necessary at all!!! I truly believe that it was God’s hand that cured her.

God does work wonders in our lives. I am a firm believer in it!! :thumbsup:


When my son’s appendix ruptured, we got him to the hospital in time. God truly hears the prayers of the terrified!


I doubt it can be calculated.


:slight_smile: Thank You These are very touching story’s and I remember that one day my son was on his way to work and he went to step outside the house and stepped on the cat’s head. We had just got him a few weeks before.I had a nice secluded porch for him to go on,but that morning he got his head stepped on by a size 10 boot. Well the cat was put on the counter so I could see if it would be ok,then I noticed it’s back end was not functioning right. My son had tears in his eyes and said Mom I’m so sorry,lets pray right now and we did.I wrapped the cat up in a blanket and took it to the vets. The vet called a few hours later and said the cat had a hematoma on the brain and there wasn’t much chance that it would make it.My son called right after that and I told him,he said but mom we prayed “no prayer goes to God and comes back void” I said I dont know what to tell you,and we prayed again. Then after that I called the vet. and she said I dont know what to say the cat seems to be ok she took another x-ray and it was gone.We also found out that it was a she not a he like the lady told us who we got it from. At that point we could have cared less it was going to make it and my son said see mom I knew God wouldn’t let us down. love of Christ Nancy;)


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