God's name being used for commercial applications

Someone who has studied scripture can tell us of Christ’s “I am”'s, I am the vine, I am the Good Shepherd, I am the living Bread that comes down from Heaven. I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light. There is also the proclamation to Moses of I am Who am by God on Mount Sinai.

In Canada, we have a beer here that uses the letters** I AM,** in red, and in capitals. (just like in my bible!) To me it seems like a mocking of God that they ‘own’ souls here that are drinking and under their slavery. We know there’s no end to the suffering and tragedy brought on by drinking and driving, and no small amount of stabbings outside of bars either. Just had a young man die this weekend from being involved in a fight outside a bar and dieing from his wounds. Tragic, and totally avoidable! I was at a casino for an occasion and all around the bar area the letters in red I AM by that beer made a border around the room like wall paper does. THAT is not a mere co-incidence. That is a bold proclamation, using God’s name in a place where habitual sin happens. “Marking their territory”, I like to say. You’ve entered into my space. We are in a battle, friends.

Their website proclaims OUR LAND, OUR PEOPLE, OUR BEER. Capitals, beer in red and bold type. Nothing shy about this proclamation, especially beside I AM!

I saw this in the paper, and you get the idea, with another product…


Using God’s name to exalt oneself cannot be a good thing. Please don’t get so used to seeing these things that they mean nothing to you.

I think the “I Am” for the beer is mostly referencing “I am Canadian”, emphasizing national pride. In my searching, I mostly found it superimposed over a maple leaf. However, I did find a rather disgusting perversion of the Lord’s Prayer that the same company used with beer references replacing most of the words. I won’t share it, you can google it. It’s offensive.

The other “I am” reference seems to be simply emphasizing and encouraging individuals to actively make a difference and support a cause.

You might be reading too much into all this?

I really do think you’re reading too much into this. For example: If you tell your child “I am proud of you,” or tell your spouse “I am going to the grocery store,” or tell a merchant “I am very unhappy with your service” – are we using God’s name in vain all those times? Clearly not. Simple English grammar. Plus, technically speaking, the received Name is expressed in Hebrew.

When you pray, do you say “Dear I AM . .”, or “Dear God?”

You are reading too much into that.

The beer clearly focuses on Canadian pride.

You cannot say that any sentence that starts with “I am…” is referring to God.

If I say, “I am going to eat dinner now,” I am clearly referring to myself, not God. Same with any other statement…it refers to the speaker, not to God.

Saying, “I am part of the solution,” refers to not schlocking responsibility for something onto others.

In the examples at hand, I don’t have enough evidence to conclude that “I AM” is intended to be a direct reference to God, or even make a subliminal connection.

That said, I understand your feelings about using God as a tool for selling. It happens a lot and I do think it’s unfortunate, but it might be worse in some cases than in others.

As a totally wretched example of using God to con people, we recently got a letter and a 54 page pamphlet from a place called “Secret Society,” aka “Neo-tech Secret Society.” I kind of wish I had saved the pamphlet (maybe my wife did but she isn’t here now) so I could quote you a few of the many heart-tugging and manipulative passages from it. Not only did they use God’s name, but apparently it is designed to turn you against God – so they may have an agenda to do more than just get your money.

Many reviews I’ve read of it on complaint website, such as this one, say they received the letter at a particularly troubling time of their life. This may be a mere coincidence, but with the technology we have today for data mining, it’s entirely possible they target certain people like maybe survivors listed on an obit page or public divorce records, or maybe buying names from other scams of people who have actually fallen for them. I don’t know that; I’m just throwing it out there, but it is possible and I wouldn’t put it past them to do it. After all, if I were scamming people, I’d probably want a “sucker list” to maximize the return from the mailing costs.

Actually we may have been on the “sucker list” already, because I think my wife actually got a letter advertising a free booklet with secrets that only people such as her with special talents were eligible to purchase. Again, I’d have to check with her, but I think it’s true. That triggered them to send the free 54 page booklet.

So the free 54 page booklet was inspiring and heart-wrenching and had references to God and to all these (unnamed – after all it was a “secret” society) rich and famous people whose luck changed as a result of receiving these secrets. The letter along with the booklet had emphatic warnings that you MUST read the booklet all the way through, in its entirety, without telling anyone else about it, or that would mess everything up. But, of course, reading the booklet wasn’t enough to do any good, but you had a limited time (by Friday) to send them $139.99 for a 2300 page book with all these ancient secrets that were decoded. We didn’t send in for it, but some people on complaint websites did and of course they found that they were told they MUST go to the next step and send in more money for yet another item or they would be dropped from the membership and the secrets in the book wouldn’t work unless they went on to the next step. Well, the complaint I mentioned above said it went on even further, and that somewhere in the 2300 page book it actually said “there is no God,” which was a red flag to the complaintant’s families, but it suckered her into the next step. Her family told her she had changed, and for the worse. Here again is the link to that complaint. You can find many others by googling it.

It is amazing how far people will go to scam others, and have no shame in using God’s name as a weapon against His people. :mad:


The “I AM CANADIAN” beer commercial is a part of all Canadian’s consciousness.

FYI, this is the original commercial that (as far as I remember) started the whole thing.

It’s a commercial trying to invoke national pride in Canada.

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