Gods name in vein

I also had another question about saying Gods name in vein.

First of all, is saying O my and then God considered saying Gods name in vein?

What about when people say God then damn

When people say O God or when people say “Good God almighty”

or when people say Jesus when they are angry or when they are not even angry

These things offend me alot and I was wondering what is considered saying Gods name in vein.


Yes, it is understandable that you would feel offended when God’s name is used as a swear-word or as an exclamation of surprise or anger. It becomes convserational when people are so used to using God’s name in vain that they just use it as normal conversation. It’s intended to shock when used in anger, or to express the depth of an emotion. When use of the Lord’s name is not intended as prayer, or used respectully, it does offend us.

Christian sacred names are used in this way because our Western modern countries were originally based on Christian values. Therefore if some people wished to shock or appear ‘cool’ or blase, they would use Christ’s name or God’s name in vain. Some words in our language are distorted or changed versions of Christ or God, like “gee, golly, gosh” but I think the origins ar more or less lost in those words.

However, if anyone were to use the sacred names of other religions the result could be dangerous. For instance, a British teacher found hersel in serious difficuly in a Middle Eastern country, because she and the children decided to call the class teddy bear a sacred Muslim name.

I sometimes mentally send the Lord an apology when His name is used in vain…but we find it in books and in films as well as around us. We bless God’s holy name!

God bless you for your concern for Him…Trishie

Ther word is “vain” and not “vein”!

That mispelling gave me a good laugh.

:smiley: :rotfl:

That’s what I was thinking …how do we get God’s name in our vein…a needle? IV?

shooting up God…:eek: :smiley:

I was kinda wondering about this one, I don’t think God’s real name is just God. Is it not Jehovah (Yahweh)? The other side of the coin is that its an ineffable name.

It is kinda hard to take His name in vain because in reality we don’t actually know how to say it. Apparently, in ancient times there were priests in the Jewish community who knew how to pronounce His name, however we have lost this knowledge to time.

I don’t know the Church’s official teachings on this subject, maybe somone else can elaborate?

:rotfl:Yes! That was my first thought too. My second thought was: “hmmm… It’d be easier just to go to communion.”

Well, this is not about the Church’s official teachings on the subject, but on the names of God:


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