God's name is Mercy!

a new book by Pope Francis is due out on 12 Jan 2016
Pope Francis
The Name of God is Mercy
(available in print and kindle formats)

In the book, the Pope is interviewed extensively by Vatican reporter Andrea Tornielli.

Thanks for the notice! It’s on my list.

Yep…here’s a link to it on Amazon.
The Name of God Is Mercy

*The New Yorker *has a nice write-up about it:



I’ve started to read through the book. I notice that Pope Francis emphasizes repentance from sin and confession, and he also speaks of the need to be ashamed of our sins. This book clearly refutes the claim that some make that Pope Francis has removed the need for repentance from the mercy of God.

Thanks for that Ron. I think it’s important to read this for ourselves firstly and then to be able to speak knowledgeably about it when (and I am sure they will) anti-Catholics latch onto some out of context excerpt and seek to use it to impugn and shake the faith of Catholics. :thumbsup:

I’ve finished reading the book. It is very accessible: the truths expressed are subtle and profound, but the style of expression is like a conversation with a friend.

Some of my favorite quotes from the book:

“Anyone who confesses does well to feel shame for his sins: shame is a grace we ask for; it is good, positive, because it makes us humble.”

“The Church Fathers teach us that a shattered heart is the most pleasing gift to God. It is the sign that we are conscious of our sins, of the evil we have done, of our wretchedness, and of our need for forgiveness and mercy.”

“The story of Adam and Eve, the rebellion against God described in the Book of Genesis, uses a richly imaginative language to explain something that actually happened at the origins of mankind.”

Thanks for all three great quotes, including the last one (above).

I love how Pope Francis includes both “richly imaginative language” as well as “something that actually happened” in the same sentence.

Indeed, we should not accept the false dichotomy that says Genesis 3 must be either: 1) completely factual narrative according to modern-day standards of accurate historical accounts, or 2) completely symbolic fable unconnected to any actual historical events.

In one sentence, Pope Francis eloquently steers us away from that false dichotomy.

I noticed a new book: “The Name of God Is Mercy.”

If one of you might know: Does the Bible teach this?

If so, how and where?


Every page.

No. While God is Mercy itself, he has revealed himself by a particular Name: YHWH: I AM.

So while the phrase “The Name of God is Mercy” can be considered correct by accommodation, since the Bible teaches us that “The Lord, slow to anger and rich in mercy”, from a strict standpoint, mercy is not is Name.

It’s not to be taken literally.

Among many, many other names:

MERCIFUL GOD (Jeremiah 3:12)


God’s name is Jesus.


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I just finished reading it yesterday and I suggest that you get a copy and read it for yourself, during which time I assure you that you will see many examples of scripture in support of Pope Francis premise.

It is an excellent book and certainly opened my eyes to a deeper appreciation of who I am and who God is as well as my own place in His eyes.

Oh and by the way, there is no place in the Bible that says that all Christian teaching must be based upon the Bible. It nowhere lays claim to any such authority or mandate. No Catholic should ever feel constrained to justify all Catholic belief and practice by chapter and verse of the Bible.

Even Sola Scriptura n-Cs cannot support that doctrine from the Bible. (See It’s NOT in the Bible, okay? )

Anyone who hasn’t read it really shouldn’t be trying to discuss it until they have.

I got it the same day it came out and read it in less than 2 hours. It is THAT good! Highly recommend it.


THANKS for that passage!

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