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I got involved in Hinduism and the New Age movement many years ago. Hinduism is everywhere and it is infiltrating every area of our society and the Church. At the heart of yoga is Hinduism. You can’t separate yoga from Hinduism. For me, my guru was all important. He was God! I loved him and I gave my life to him. The goal of my guru was to convert people to his religion. At the time I was looking for a family community. I was looking for a sense of meaning and belonging and I tossed my Christian beliefs aside for Hinduism and the New Age. I was very naïve. I ended up surrendering myself to my guru and I gave up most of my possessions in pursuit of non-attachment. My Hindu beliefs taught me that there was no such thing as sin and that led me to die to the voice of conscience inside that told me that something was wrong. I had very little or no moral standards. I become completely consumed with my guru he was all I thought about. Everything I did or thought about was about my guru. If I were in his presence I would have been completely under his control. Eventually over time I loss my sense of identity. I no longer knew who I was. And it took me many years to recover my sense of identity. This was a horrible experience. I now realize the redemptive power of suffering, but to a Hindu suffering is only in the mind it is and illusion they call Maya which is overcome by enlightenment. Reincarnation and karma are also common ideas. I learned that Hinduism teaches the opposite of Christianity. Hinduism teaches reincarnation, Christianity teaches the resurrection. They both can’t be true. Thru the practice of yoga I aroused the psychic force within called kundalini. I experienced the supernatural and it completely consumed my life. I felt like I was being possessed. This was very strange and dangerous, because I really didn’t know what I was doing. Eventually I gave up Hinduism and any New Age practices for Christianity and now I can say that I am much happier.

I found this video “God’s of the New Age” it has a lot of good information you may find informative and helpful. I hope that more people on this forum will watch this video. I believe it can shed some light on the hidden dangers within Hinduism and the New Age. Also, Fr. Mitch Pacwa is very knowledgeable about New Age trends. He wrote a book called Catholic’s and the New Age. You may also find his radio program helpful as well. When you start the video be patient. It takes a few seconds before it will start. You may want to wait until it is convenient for you to watch this video, because it is 1 hr 46 min long.

God’s of the New Age

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Welcome back!
I’m not exactly worried about any new age stuff. Too darn similar to William F. Buckley to be affected. Still somepeople might be better off to check this out.

I think it is pretty easy to seperate yoga from hinduism. Is there something about yoga that you fear?

If you have the time it may be helpful for you watched the video “God’s of the New Age.” Many people are being drawn into Hinduism and its beliefs thru Hatha yoga, though there are many other forms of yoga. What is yoga? The goal of yoga is to realign the serpent force in the body in order to attain enlightenment. This yoking which is what yoga means with Brahman. People are probably not being told this at yoga class, but at the heart of yoga is the goal of enlightenment. I think that Christian’s who practice yoga or anybody thinking about practicing yoga would be better off to find another form of physical fitness that didn’t have a religious or spiritual aspect at the heart of it.

“Although yoga is sold to the west through various gimmicks and techniques its basic occultism remains the same the hope of immortality is at its heart and the dream of realizing ones inherent divinity its ultimate purpose, become a Christ they call it. Despite the claims that yoga is only physical and non-religious it is the very essence of Hinduism spirituality. It eventually leads to the realm of the spiritual through meditation where the person looks into himself to find the true self and in finding the true self he believes he is finding god.”

“Yoga in its many westernized forms is also at the heart of the New Age movement that has adopted Hinduisms basic beliefs and goals. In spite of the seeming variety and hundreds of competitive schools of yoga all forms come out of India and lead into the occult though most westerners are not aware of this.”

“This new yoga in the west went into a sort of amalgamation with occult and Gnostic groups and the Hindu mythology was put forward in a sort of demythologized way which we now recognize in such terminology as New Age. The age of enlightenment, the age of the superman, the man with super consciousness has begun. God is losing all importance man is the only thing which matters. Man is saving himself by his knowledge by the development of his mind faculties.”

Quote from God’s of the New Age

Thanks, it’s good to be back. It is my hope that several people at this forum will watch this video. I think it will shed some light on the hidden dangers within Hinduism and the New Age.

I really don’t need to watch a video in order to determine that my yoga class is not leading me into the occult. What ideals do you believe I am in danger of adopting by taking yoga classes? Wouldn’t I be in greater danger if I read a book about Hinduism? I don’t think you are suggesting that one should avoid reading books about anything that doesn’t have to do with Catholicism. So why come out with a warning against yoga?

Yoga is the very essence of Hinduisms spirituality. The goal of yoga is to prepare you for meditation. Instead of reading a book about Hinduism you are practicing it. No I’m not suggesting that one should avoid reading books that don’t pertain to Catholicism. To a well catechized mind reading books about other things or religions would be ok, but for a young person or someone who is not well informed about the dangers within these things that could be very destructive. I think I’ve been pretty clear about the dangers of yoga.

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You may want to listen to 3. Meditation Control Host - Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.


What sort of Hinduism did you practice? And what sort of New Age movement did you get involved in?

It’s so numerous I probably don’t remember most of it. I read and dabbled in so man things. To be honest with you I really don’t feel like mentioning them. That was the past. I have grown tired of talking about all that stuff. I wasted a lot of time, money and energy on it.


Okay… So you can write a nice big block of Religion X is bad, but you can’t even find the time to answer a specific question?

What was the point of the original post if you’ve “grown tired of talking about all that stuff” and you’ve “wasted a lot of time, money and energy on it” to the point that you “don’t feel like mentioning them?”

I can answer a specific question I choose not to answer that one. I have grown tired of speaking about all that stuff. I don’t want to advocate it or give it a voice. It was my hope that other Christians would read my story and watch the movie and listen to the audio programs.


Yeah, well, for some maybe. But obviously the OP did not make this separation. It is a fair warning.

That is a problem with far-eastern philosophies, people get so hung up on the particulars and there is such a multitude of paths one can follow. People tend to think they can seperate the good from the bad but actually get “addicted” trying understand what it all means, and what seems to be a wealth of knowledge is actually a library full of impoversed souls.

Roman 1:22 For, professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

I think it is more likely that the majority of people are perfectly capable of making a distinction between whether they are engaging in a form of exercise or an intentional worship when they go to the Y.

I agree. Christians have separated the non-Christian elements from many things. I do not see why this is impossible with yoga.

Yoga was formed as a ‘spiritual excersise’, to get your mind into a state open to demonic forces. It doesn’t matter if you call the aim ‘Hinduism’ or something else, the exercises will still take you there

Dear mwmroe,

Living in Indonesia, means that so many magical forces still believed by many. My father also was the practicioner, so powerful that he could not be wounded by sharp weapons. That was in the past. When I asked him to go to his Guru, he told me that if I want to make a living, I should not go. He abandoned all of his mantra and “power”, and surrendered himself to Jesus. Welcome back mwmroe, a good Guru is the one who will sacrifice himself and give his life for us, not the other way around.

Do you know of any information through books or the Internet from a Christian perspective that could help me understand and possible help someone who is apparently addicted to Hindu gurus and New Age teachers? It seems to be and addictive cycle, living for the thrill of trying to understand and accept the variety of Hindu guru’s, paths, and New Age teachers. It appears to me and endless cycling through the same Hindu gurus, paths and New Age teachers, without ever adhering to anyone of them. There doesn’t seem to be any peace in their effort. Like the peace one finds in Christianity. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ doesn’t seem to be and option. I hope and pray that one day it will.



The PromisedMessiah 1835-1908 having direct insight into religious matters from Revelation or receiving Word of GodAllahYHWH has explained that all Revealed Religions, be it Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam etc are/were truthful in origin till their followers deviated from the true guidance given by GodAllahYHWH and differences created in consequence.

If the followers of Krishna have deviated from the right path so have the followers of JesusYeshuaIssa, this should be kept in mind.

The right approach would be that one should strive one’s best to reach the truth with constant research for truth and praying to GodAllahYHWH in this connection.

There is no harm in studying books of other religions.


Thank you for sharing your story. Your father sounds like I wise man I get the impression that you took his advice. I’m glade he gave it all up and surrendered himself to Jesus Christ. I agree with you, a good guru is the one who sacrificed himself and gave his life for us, not the other way around.


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