God's Omnipotence


God is very simple - in Him, everything is one and same. His Power is His Mercy, His Love is His Holiness, His Justice is His Knowledge, etc. So you, O sinners, have nothing to fear. His Justice is Almighty; He will conquer every evil and overcome every obstacle. His Love and Mercy is Almighty; He will turn you white as snow and order everything for your good. His Holiness is Almighty; He will draw all hearts to Himself and change their laxness to love and love will rise speedily to perfection. His Will is Holiness, Justice, and Love and Mercy; He wills, in a word, Heaven on Earth, in your hearts and among all men, and you yourself to come to enjoy His happy life and living happiness now and in eternity. If you will holiness, if you thirst after justice, if you seek love and mercy, behold, you will find what you seek in Him and He will come to rest in you so that you may rest in Him!


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