Gods plan vs human intervention

I was just wondering how these two interact. For example if a person were to be born with a birth defect which if not treated would be fatal. If humans intervene they can change the outcome for the person. As another example, if someone has cancer and chose not to be treated.

Whether anyone chooses to be healed or treated could depend on what dependants they have.

Taking insulin and high blood pressure medicine has as its aim assisting God’s created design in the human body. The taking of a suitable medicine for an ailment is merely assisting the body or mind to correct or heal itself.

The natural law says that if you want things to prosper, you have to use them in accord with their nature. If you want to grow good tomatoes, you have to treat tomato plants in accord with their nature. You have to give them sunshine and water and fertilizer and a good soil. It is something that man can discover by the basis of his own reason.

**Assisting nature for mankind
Answer by Fr.Stephen F. Torraco (EWTN) on July 10 2007: **
The art of healing is the art of assisting nature in attaining its goal of health. This is perfectly morally legitimate. Assisting nature in attaining its goal is a wonderful thing. Human beings do it in many different ways. For example, the plumbing in your house assists nature in quenching your thirst.

God also has plans for the people providing the interventions. :slight_smile:

So are we just robots enacting God’s grand design? Or not? I don’t understand the way this works, how are you not having your cake and eating it too by saying everything is pre-determined and yet we have free will?

We have free will that we act out. God wants us to follow His will, but when we don’t, he can still use us to further His plan.

Nothing is pre-determined as such, and we aren’t robots playing out a puppet show for God. However, God knows what we will do and can use that to further His plan.

So say if someone one is in a car accident and were about to die. From this it is evident that it is God’s plan for that person to die. However, if a paramedic does cpr on the person and is able to to bring them back to life, they have just thwarted God’s plan. Or did God plan that all along he knew the paramedic would come to the rescue?

Are we meddling in what is and isn’t God’s plan? We do what we believe is right, which is what the Church through the authority of the Holy Spirit tells us is right. God knows the rest. What His plan is, is a mystery, and it always shall be.

Also, knowing our free willed actions and accounting for them doesn’t make us slaves, it just makes God omniscient.

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