God's Plan.

I believe that God has a plan for us and that He only wants the best for us. I trust in His will and listen for what He is trying to tell me.
But lately, I’ve found myself struggling to reconcile this belief with life circumstances. For some time, one of my family members has been experiencing difficulties in their personal and spiritual life. These difficulties have resulted in negative consequences not only for them, but for me and for the rest of my family - destroying relationships and creating feelings of mistrust, hurt and anger.
I pray for this person, and I trust that God will lead them back towards the light, but it’s hard work to see them go through these problems, to see my family suffering and still maintain the feeling that things will be alright by God and that everything is happening for a good reason.
I mean, the person I speak of has stopped attending Mass, does not pray with the family and calls himself an “atheist” - could that really be God’s intention?

I’m having difficulty with these thoughts, and wanted to get other views on the idea that there is a divine plan. Does God plan suffering or circumstances like this? I know that we have free will, but is that will completely separate from God’s will?

God bless.

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