God's power and enlightenment


Please pray to our Lord Jesus to grant me and my brothers and their families enlightenment, forgiveness towards each other, realization of wrongs, amendment, reconciliation, complete renewal of self, and healing of our broken family. That God’s love and peace will reign upon us. Glory to God now and forever and ever. Amen.


Dearest and Most Blessed Trinity,
please pour out thy gracious sanctifying and healing graces
on “Leetoy” and his brothers and family and grant them familial love
and inner peace, and all needed healing–
in the most holy Name of Christ Jesus, AMEN.
Most Holy Mother of God, please pray for them, AMEN.



Thank you jaypeeto4. Glory be to The Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be world without end. Amen.


Look upon Leetoy’s family with love and understanding. Fill their hearts with forgiveness, happiness in knowing you through one another and in loving each other the way you love them Lord. To you we pray for peace and calm in the storms of life. For family togetherness now and always for Leetoy and his family, Amen

Hang in there, God loves you.


Lord, may Leetoy bring prayer into his family to help heal old wounds and to get his children to love always and forgive each other again. May they pray the rosary together as a family and petition You to bring them into a loving communion with Your Son, Jesus, Mary and the entire company of saints. Lord, bless this family and let them learn to love each other with the same love You have for them. May they always have each other and may they pray for all their brothers and sisters in the world. By their charity for others outside of their home, they will find themselves with more charity for each other. Amen.


Thanks a lot to each and all of you my brothers and sisters in Christ for praying. Our family is really broken, but we, the brothers, are slowly building our relationship just like before our useless fight had happened. However good relationship shattered on most of the members like our cousins. I ask you my brothers and sisters in Christ to continue to pray for us brothers and our cousins and relatives shattered relationship due to our brothers quarrel and heated words and hate towards each other once to complete healing. May the mercy and forgiveness of our Lord God shower all of us and His graces heal our broken family for the good of all for the greater Glory of God now and forever and forever. Amen.


starting to pray for your noble intention


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