God's sense of humor

I believe that we should be reverent at Mass but sometimes amusing things happen that just can’t help but bring a smile to our faces. :slight_smile:

At yesterday’s Pentecost Mass, our church was evidently experiencing some electrical problems. During the opening hymn and the Penitential rite, some of the lamps went out and the sound system had some momentary fades. There was plenty of natural light so no one was overly concerned and then everything seemed to come back on correctly anyways. After the Gloria finished, the priest prepared to read the opening prayer but just as he was taking a breath, the lights went out again. He proceeded with the prayer which began with the words, “Father of Light…” At that point the priest couldn’t help himself and just had to pause and chuckle. Those of us in the pews did too.

Does anyone else have any stories of things that happened to them?

Our pastor at St. Pat had by-pass surgery - and we have fill in priests. Well, the fill in at pentacost Sunday Mass was a retired priest. He forgot some of the parts of the Mass … but when he to to his homily — I swear he was on fire! Never, in that church, did I hear such a wonderful and uplifting homily.

This from a priest who forgot many parts of the mass. He was cute! :thumbsup:

I would say the spirit was amoung us! AMEN :rolleyes:

Re: God’s sense of humor:… below are two examples…

who do you know that would purposely put the knees on something backwards


…i rest my case!:thumbsup:

[quote=space ghost]http://places.mongabay.com/south_america/flamingo.jpg

who do you know that would purposely put the knees on something backwards

Those aren’t knees, they’re ankles.

[quote=Joseph Bilodeau]Those aren’t knees, they’re ankles.

Then God’s sense of humor is reflected in those incredibly long feet!

our pastor is trying to teach the congregation to sing or chant parts of the Mass in Latin, and guides us with “hand signals”. First communicant (they are all on the center aisle) standing next to the pew mimicking every motion and singing the responses flawlessly, very loudly, Father caught my eye and cracked up, he was still giggling after Mass.

We had a woodpecker living on top of our church, right above the altar, for a while last summer. Our priest and parishoners got used to hearing it pecking during Mass. Well, one day we had a visiting priest in, and during a pause in his homily, the bird starts going it at it. He stops, looks around–a few people had to explain what was going on; it was funny!

This probably won’t make anyone laugh, but it cracked me up because I have a degree in philosophy.
We were doing a novena to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, and there was a misprint on the prayer card. It said “Our Lady Queen of the Angles”. I thought to myself, “how Platonic of Our Lady”…

[quote=CarolAnnSFO]Then God’s sense of humor is reflected in those incredibly long feet!

Yes. Or our incredibly short feet.

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