God's social network

Glancing through this category of the forum I realize how much we need each other. I think what it comes down is the faith that someone, or more than one or the Lord will come through for us in answer to our prayers. I was listening to a Crosshope broadcast a few weeks ago about the subject of prayer. I really enjoyed it and since then have changed my method of prayer.

Graham talked about the wrong in negotiations with God and asking for the wrong thing. I mean this isn’t writing a letter to the man in red for things you want or need. From what I now know. prayer is a plea to ask God to work through you to harness that hidden strength that we all possess to help defeat whatever is troubling us. Through him we can become pillars of strength (in mind, body and soul) and together a great temple. This is amazing to think we could all be unified in prayer. That’s the real social network!

Lord, please bless Adelrizzo and help him/her to have a most fruitful prayer life. May he/she pray zealously and often, and seek only your will, not his/her own. Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayer.

Adelrizzo, I know what you mean. WE sometimes can treat God like He’s a fairy godmother God.

Holy Spirit of God please place within us, prayer that is of the heart of God.

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