God's will and signs He sends?


So, I have been thinking of joining the US Navy for 2 years. However, I am unsure if I should join. It always comes back again into my mind and I feel like it’s “right” and I think God has sent me signs letting me know to join, but I could just be imagining it. I am about to go to college to be an Emt and later will find a job. But becoming an Emt doesn’t feel “right” like joining the navy does. I am afraid to join mostly for the risk of not frequenting the sacraments much and because I want to join religious life and wouldn’t want to wait 8 years or so to join a community. How does it feel and how do you know what God’s will is for you? Have you guys had any personal experiences, and also have you guys had any signs?

I have been praying the rosary everyday and I know you get signal graces as a promise and one day this week while walking back to my house I saw a car and it said “Go Navy”. But of course, I am not sure is a sign, although I have had other instances like this and at 1st joining the navy didn’t cross my mind but one day, on my last day of my internship for medical billing in the place where I didn’t get hired and I had to take the bus because I had no ride that day from my mom and I also had to come out a bit later, a recruiter passed by and talked to me about joining the marines and after that day I did research and found the Navy and liked it, but who knows if it was a sign. What do you think?


I think you’re overthinking it. God wants us to do good and pursue sanctity, but often leaves how we go about that to our own discretion. This even includes major life callings (look at the number of saints who wanted to be religious and got married off anyway), though with vocations to married, single, or religious life there is more of a pull. Joining the navy, going to college, and becoming an EMT are all temporary. Do what you want to do an if God doesn’t want you there He’ll work that out. Trust me on this one, He knows what He’s doing so as long as you aren’t being purposefully bad, you’re in the clear.

Personally, I’d join the navy and get them to pay for college or teach you EMT stuff. I always try to kill multiple birds with one stone.


My advice would be to set up an appointment with a priest.


You are praying the rosary, which is a good thing. Continue to do so.

Don’t worry so much about signs. I was feeling “lost” at one point in my life, and my priest told me not to worry - God has a plan for me and there’s absolutely no way that I could screw it up. As long as you are sincerely seeking to be in the place that God intends you to be, He will put you where you are supposed to be. Be patient. Try not to worry. Remember, sometimes you are in a particular place in life not for yourself, but for those around you.

I agree with a previous poster - see if you can speak privately with your priest, or perhaps a spiritual adviser or counselor…maybe even someone from the religious order you are thinking about joining.

Best wishes to you in your life’s journey. I do hope you find a path that feels right for you.


I am really not sure that God sends “signs” to tell us what to do or not.
I agree that you should talk to your priest. I don’t know how old you are, but perhaps some college under your belt will help you decide more easily.


Dear heavenjoans,
You sound like like you sincerely want to please God and have a good life. But what God wants is a relationship with Him first. The Bible says, "delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Does that make sense? Nothing is as important as knowing your Father. Everything else will come after that.

But trust me on this one, it really takes a lot of work on yourself to prepare to know God and enjoy His presence.

May the spirit of wisdom be over you.


So, I’m in med school, and will join the army upon my graduation. You could become an EMT and enter the Navy upon graduation, becoming an extremely valuable asset to the Navy, more so than if you went in with few skills.
If your attraction to the Navy is based on your desire to serve, you might keep that in mind; you can do more with training than without.
Plus, lots of saints and famous heroic people served in the military before entering religious orders: St. Nuno Alvarez and Brother Joseph of Molkai come to mind. St. Nuno is a good example because his canonization was as much based on what he did as a soldier as it was based on what he did as a religious.

It’s worth considering that the US military will take care of you financially in a way that will prevent you from being a burden on any religious order you might join, and would probably help eliminate any debt you might have, important since you have a moral obligation to pay your creditors and won’t really be making money for the rest of your life after joining the order.

Anyway, “all of the above” is actually a pretty good and doable option if that sounds appealing to you.
And, experience in the navy would give you a pretty good background if you were interested in ministry to military families. Just a thought.


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