God's will- bending but nor breaking..venting post for guidance

Hi everyone,
It’s been a blessed, suffering and obedient 3 years. I’m a military spouse and my and my family were transferred to Memphis, TN 3 years ago. During this time I had to leave my job due to this military transfer, so my wife was the only one working and my two daughters were out in day care while I pursue nursing school. Before I got accepted into the accelerated nursing program I prayed to God to lead me to a school according to His will and only have me get into a program if it was His will. Well, I got accepted into a Protestant nursing program and the people were great. I struggled towards the end of the program and prayed to St. Joseph of Cupertino, Our blessed Mother and our Holy Trinity daily. I even studied at time in front of the Blessed Sacrament. So I was two weeks from the very last semester, and with the teachers saw me struggle and entering the final with a 73 average, they encouraged me to withdraw from the accelerated program and get into their traditional program. Once I prayed and agreed in it, I went to register for the traditional program, and they rejected me. They said in a non-direct way that I was a threat to their first time board exam pass rate. No other nursing school will or have accepted me.
So I was suffering greatly with is and back in February or 2014 my wife got orders to stay in Memphis for 3 more years where me, my wife and daughters would be together in the final tour before she retires. So me and my wife signed a contract for a house to be built and registered my oldest daughter to kindergarten. I enrolled in EMT school and was moving along really well and ended the semester on good standing. In May, our house was close to complete, I was weeks away from starting my last semester of EMT school. Suddenly my wife received orders that the military redirected her orders back to Virginia beach which would have her in a ship 4-9 months out of the year instead of us being together from our previous orders. I also called all the EMT schools in Virginia Beach and none if my EMT credits would transfer because the program is state specific. So I had to withdraw from the program before it started. During these 3 years my eldest daughter was diagnosed with ITP, a autoimmune disorder that prevents blood from clotting correctly due to low platelet levels. She recently has been cleared…Thank you God!
So we are on our move back to Virginia Beach, where not only was a place we use to live, but a place I and my in-laws did not really got along. I prayed to God through this and we all suffered greatly. In the meantime my wife will be gone until February and I will be jobless and trying to find ways to pay off school bills.
During these 3 years I built up my Catholic faith so much. God has revealed to me so much! I have a devotion to the Divine Mercy and also initiated to the brown scapular through our Blessed Mother. I went to mass almost daily and spent time with the Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and I completed the Sacred Heart of Jesus devotion last month. As the days come near when we leave for Virginia Beach and the distance from my wife looming soon, on top of the incompleteness of school, I have grown tired and now have gone from praying the divine mercy chaplet daily, going to mass daily and visiting Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and confession to just going to mass on Sundays. I have gone dry and everything I believe God wants me to do, I go try to do it and it doesn’t work. Anyways, sorry so long. Please pray for me and my family and for the souls in purgatory, lost and holy souls on earth.
Thanks everyone…just venting,

Best of luck to your family and thank you for your service.

Praying for your intentions.

Sometimes the storms of life just seem to be endless, but things do eventually work out. I hope this will be the case for you.

As concerns your daughter with ITP, my mother had a bout with this and it was discovered that certain medicines triggered the response. I wish I could recall what they where, but I am sure they had to do with inflammation and an infection. I tell you this so you can ask your daughters doctors about this. I think the more you know about this kind of thing the better off she will be as far as not having this happen again.

I truly hope things start to work out for all of you and you can enjoy some time of peace and stability soon.

Thank you all for responding and thanks for the prayer intentions, compliments on military service and advice. I been through many storms growing up. All of them self inflicted and I really do not deserve much. I even saw Cathlocism as a cult. My family are all Catholics. When I was down on my heals 12 years ago, I all the sudden became a devout Catholic. It was our Blessed Mother that ushered me back into the Church when I saw her face on a book one day and read it front cover to back in one sitting. I contemplated priest hood, then all of the sudden I met my wife. We married in a Catholic Church and have 2 daughters and I know along the way I don’t deserve such gifts and grace especially with my past. But I remembered what Christ said to St. Faustina “Act like a beggar who gets more arms than they asked for and receive my graces.” This is when St. Faustina felt that she was not worthy of such. Now, anything I do when I think its accordance to God’s will, does not happen. Unless I’m just looking at all the negatives and not looking at the positives, which are His gifts. All I have is my obedience and faith and I know I’m closing my eyes and letting God lead. But I can’t go through this storm alone. Thanks everyone and God bless!

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