God's will


****First of all I am not sure where to post this.

Secondly I am discouraged. I can check a million different resources and get a million different answers and please excuse me I am not sure where to post this question…

I’ve asked people in the past and received different answers each time. When the expression of God’s will is mentioned. What is meant by doing God’s will.

Well this is interesting as I typed this note, I believe I just received the answer. But I will post anyway.

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To do God’s Will is to obey God’s Commandments.


I agree with Eucharisted, God’s will is to obey God’s Commandments… love God above all, others as self.
Jesus confirms this when speaking of the last Judgement of souls by Him in Matthew 24 verses 31-46. In giving practical love to others. not only are we loving them, but in doing so, loving Him. We have our life, our mental and emotional gifts, and to do God’s loving will we must use them for loving and generous purposes.


Thank you, and the Beatitudes are for?


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