God's will.

Can anyone give a suggestion on how to discern what God’s will is? My wife and I live in a VERY expensive, VERY liberal area (Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C.) and she was born here. Her entire family lives here, and all of them think that we are “too Catholic.” Mostly because we go to Mass every Sunday, we try to raise our kids in a Catholic manner, we practice NFP, and we believe and accept everything the Church teaches. My whole family live is an affordable, extremely Catholic area (Louisville, KY), where I was born and raised. My family accepts the faith and follows it, but they try to make me feel guilty about not living in KY on an almost daily basis.

The problem is that I have a really good job where we live now, and my house is now worth less than we owe on it, which makes it hard to move. Another factor is that we DO NOT want to send our kids to public schools, especially in the area in which we live. Catholic schools are VERY expensive where we live, and they offer no discounts for siblings (which makes it very difficult if you plan on having a lot of kids and you aren’t rich), so we are considering homeschooling although we are not totally sold on the idea yet. In KY catholic schools are affordable, and they offer great discounts for siblings. But it may be hard to get a job in KY.

Basically I want to know how to discern God’s will for me and my family. Are there any books out there that help you to find God’s will? Any sermons or talks that help you to understand what God’s plan is for you?

Here is a place to start:


Discernment is tough. I have found that guidelines such as those Ignatian help - a little. Prayer helps most. Try actually looking for a job near where you want to live. You may find a quick answer there.

It has to be a team effort for you and your spouse. Godspeed!

My dear friend, you asked for God’s will but in which area? You of course want what is best for your family but there are some areas you might need to pray about on the way to discernment: I put them in the text of your post

Be open to the readings at Mass (daily and Sunday). It is amazing what can happen when we put ourselves in a state open to the Lord.

If you step out in faith desiring to do God’s will He will guide your steps by opening and closing doors.

For example: I got fired from my job (ironically because of my religion), I was without work for a month. So, without knowing how, I set out to open my own business. I had no money, but I just took action. I started by looking for a place to rent. That very day, I received a call from a woman asking me to come work for her. The real estate agent was one of her customers and told her I was looking for a place to work. See, how God works.

Start making plans, take action on the plans, and then let God move you where He wants. You can NEVER go wrong when you place your trust in God. God is like GPS, He puts in the coordinates of where you are supposed to go. If you take a wrong turn, he just keeps giving you new directions to get where you are meant to be. It’s awesome! You can get there from any direction.

Have fun!

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