God's Will

In the Bible God often used the machinations of man (and, of course, Satan) to further His Will. I heard a good illustration the other day.

  1. Israel is conquered and all the Jews are sent in exile (the Diaspora).
  2. The Greeks conquer the “civilized” world, and introduce a universal language, Greek.
  3. The Roman then conquer the "civilized world, and build roads that aid travel to other countries.

How are these three tied to God’s Will?

  1. When the Apostles are instructed to “Go Forth to All Nations, and Baptize…” they are able to travel on these well-policed roads aiding there ability to cover great distances.
  2. As they preach the Gospel, they are able to speak in a language that numerous countries and cultures can understand, Greek.
  3. After the Pentecost, when 3000 newly baptized Jews, from all around the world, return to their home countries, they begin to pave the way by speaking of this wondrous event they experienced in Jerusalem.

All three of these “workings of man” (Diaspora, Greek and Roman Conquest) helped spread the Good News of Jesus faster than could ever have been imagined. All furthering God’s Loving Plan!

“***My ways are high above your ways.***…”


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