Gods will...

What is Gods Will? What does it mean?.

I think you mean God’s will. Few of us are polytheists.

God’s will is for us to go to Him on our own, and grow. For the most part, on our own. He, of course ,helps us along.

There is a quote from Meister Eckhart that I love–“All God wants of man is a peaceful heart” so I would guess that is God’s will if he were right.

We categorize God’s Will into His direct Will (things He chooses) and permissive Will (things He allows, like our free will). Once God wills something it happens. Its a faculty that He has. We have a will and intellect too and that’s how human beings are made in God’s image. But the purpose of our free will is to freely love God and choose to follow His Will. We were not created to.follow our own wills in separation from God, which is how we are since the fall, but to freely surrender our wills to His.

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