God's will


How can I tell if something I am wanting is Gods will or just my will?


**It’s not always easy to tell… but if it leads you closer to God, doesn’t go against any of His commandments, and you have taken your time in making any decisions (with LOTS of sincere prayer) then you can be pretty confident it is God’s will. Of course, finding a spiritual adviser couldn’t hurt:)



I feel like God is calling me to go to college back in my hometown. The only reason I wonder if its Gods will or mine is because I love that town. I didnt start feeling anything about going there till a few months ago it started crossing my mind and as the months have gone on Ive wanted to go more and more. But Ive not lived there since I was 10 (not counting vacations there after we left). and my Grandmother (who lives there) and my Mom have problems with each other. So I dont know if I should go. I felt 100% that its Gods will until today when my Mom and Grandmother had a blow up. And then I started second guessing it. I just dont want to make the wrong choice


Usually there is an overwhelming sense of peace–even when the opportunity or situation arises that seems very much out of the norm for your way of thinking–when it is God’s will. When things seem to effortlessly fall into place (God’s grace working) I also think that could be a sign. If this is where you want to move to, then pray about…and see if things start ‘arranging’ themselves for you to get there. That ‘arrangement’ could be God’s grace leading you.


Oddly enough I attended a course on discernment only a few weeks ago.
St Ignatius said that if you are “drawn” to something it is probably God’s will, if you are “driven” to it it is probably not. He used the image of water soaking into a sponge (drawn) and tickling off at stone (driven).

If you feel anxious about the situation, that’s probably an indication that it isn’t God’s will. if you feel at peace, it probably is. Note that this isn’t quite the same as saying “always take the easy option”.


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