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New to this forum. I have been reading a daily bible study subscription called God’s Word Today. I have been reading if for several months now. It is edited by JEAN-PIERE PRÉVOST. I have really enjoyed it. Does anyone have any info on this subscription? Is it in-line with the Church’s teaching? Just curious.


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take this question to Sacred Scripture section also and i’m sure someone will know


I subscribed to it for several years when it was edited by George Martin and found it very good. After a few cycles it became a bit repetitious; so I moved on to other sources.

I haven’t read a copy in detail lately, but it appears to maintain the same standards I saw when subscribing.

Our parish uses it in Religious Ed, and we encourage the RCIA people to use it. Also we distribute it in the pamphlet rack for Lent and Advent.


ralu, This what I got by Goggling. godswordtoday.com/

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