God's wrath


Sometimes it is not things from the spiritual world known or unknown by us that causes problems. The scriptures give evidence that God can only take so much. Onan for example, if it is to be taken literally and I know of no evidence to the contrary so I assume it’s literal. And also the man who’s donkey wouldn’t move because the angel was sent to kill him. What was his name? Does God have that wrath nowadays?


I guess that I’d say that my first thought is that timing is important. Onan and Balaam lived before Jesus’ salvific actions. So, if you want to believe that God was ‘wrathful’, per se – after all, I’d also suggest that ‘wrath’ can only be applied to God in an analogous way – then I’d think that you’d have to take into consideration that God’s ‘wrath’ was felt in the time prior to the initiation of the New Covenant and the inbreaking of the Kingdom of Heaven… :wink:


Perhaps I picked the wrong word in wrathful. Maybe judgment would be the better term.


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