Ive now seen everything…

Its like youtube, for God :wink:

Yep - this has been around for some time now. You can see clips of The **One True Faith **on there, as well as many other great clips.

I think it’s a good thing. It gives people a place to go if they don’t want their clips glumped in with a lot of twisted garbage.


the one thing i dislike is that viewers argue in the comment space, just like in youtube!

what i dont like is the anti-Catholic stuff on there. I saw a 12 part video thing telling the viewers about the Whore of Babylon aka the Catholic Church…

As I mentioned on a few other posts, we just launched www.LoveToBeCatholic.com as an alternative to YouTube and GodTube. We are looking to make the web site an important tool in the new evangelization. Please check us out. I would love to hear your feedback as well. Thanks.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!!! lovetobecatholic.com/video_306_Nicean_Blues.html


Now THAT is cool!! :cool:

I just finished looking around. WHAT A GREAT SITE!! We need to promote this site further!! Fantastic!!

As moderator of the Popular Media forum, I’m confused by this thread and will ask those of you who posted here to help me fix it:

The thread is titled: Godtube and is about the website Godtube.com.

Then Catholici introduced the LoveToBeCatholic.com website.

Since then there have been comments about ‘the’ site but I can’t tell which site is being praised.

Catholici has a thread in Popular Media called “Catholic You Tube” asking for feedback about the site. Please post any comments about the LoveToBeCatholic.com site in that thread.

Use this thread to comment on what is seen on Godtube.com.

All feedback is welcome and encouraged.

Thank you.

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