Here in Sweden we don’t get EWTN, but another Christian based channel called GODtv. god.tv/ Now, I loved it when we had it but some Catholics told me we shouldn’t watch non-Catholic stuff… what is your opinion?

I think it depends on how well versed you are in the differences between the Catholic faith and whatever denomination’s faith is exhibited by the channel in question. If you can distinguish the differences while watching then I suppose if it is enjoyable viewing then it is better than much of the plainly non-Christian garbage that is on most channels (at least here in the States that’s the case).

If you don’t know how the channel’s ideas are different from Catholicism then you might run some risks in getting some facts mixed up.

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My thing is, I do listen to Ave Maria Radio and EWTN radio, but I don’t watch much EWTN tv online because even tho I have a broadband connection, it’s not the same as watching it on tv without all the ‘buffering’ and hacking up… :wink:

So when I seen God TV available on my digital cable package, I was excited. The past few years I had it, and enjoyed Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland and some other programming (no, I do not like Benny Hinn, he freaks me out, lol!). It helped me grow in being a Christian. Then when I started into learning more about my faith (Catholicism) and joined some yahoogroups, well, there were a lot of people against my watching any non-Catholic (Protestant based) programming. Which makes me wonder if they are against watching any channel but EWTN… and I know there are LOTS of people who watch shows like 24, Lost, Big Brother, Biggest Loser, etc… and those are non-Catholic hehe!

Well the difference between the two is that the last group of shows are simply secular - they don’t actively bash Catholicism, whereas some of the Protestant preachers do.

Not that they can’t be any good - I’m like you in that I started watching Joyce Meyer for a while and it brought me back quite quickly to my Catholic home.

Very true, but some secular tv does joke about Catholics/Catholicism. But anywho, yes, my former Catholic, now Evangelical aunt, introduced me into Joyce Meyer’s tv show, and I love and miss it… she is SUCH a good speaker. I started out in 1998 just being Christian, and it wasn’t until a few years back that I got into being the Catholic that I was baptised and confirmed, and raised to be.

You are correct. It is generally best not to watch those shows. They are their to trick people.

Okay… just curious how they trick people?

Creflo Dollar- He’s a very health and wealth type speaker of the name it and claim it varity. Also very sola scriptura and no other authority but you and your bible and what he says.:slight_smile:

Joyce Meyer - Ok as a motivational speaker but still only believes sola scriptura… So…

Kenneth Copeland - A preacher of the you must have a born again experience to be saved. A southern baptist type preacher with a lillte reformed calvinism thrown in. Also a pre-millienial dispensationalist.

But that being said if you know the teachings of the faith, it’s interesting to watch these shows from an apologetic standpoint.

If you wanna get an apologetic workout watch john hagee, whoa anti-catholic to the core.:smiley:

I gotta step in here hope you dont think me in a bad mood, now I will say Im not a total fan of Joyce, shes ok and has some to say and I listen to that and leave the rest.

But everyones saying these people are the ones who got people “back” to the Catholic church. So isnt it a bit illogical to state that they “trick” people. And they are anti catholic. When you all ended up back at the Catholic church?? If they were that anti you would not have ended up back.

ya gotta admit theres a confusion of thoughts on this whole thing.

As for name and claim and differences like that, when one listens to any speaker, you always discern what they say and take what makes sense and think about the rest :slight_smile:

To be honest, one should always be on guard against error. Even Catholics are not perfect in their knowledge of scripture and tradition and the Catechism etc. It’s just the nature of our current reality.

Only, when watching other religion’s shows, one needs to be more on guard perhaps.

[SIGN]Thank you all[/SIGN] for your help. I’m satisfied w/out the God channel… but like I said I wish we got EWTN here too but I guess since we Catholics are a minority, we can’t get it on a cable channel…

You could try writing letters to your cable company asking them to add it – and putting a message in your parish bulletin to get others to do so. EWTN has stated that they provide the channel free of charge to cable and satellite companies (though I am not sure that covers international companies.)

Good luck!

then again there is something like Canada where only in the last few yrs christians have been allowed air time in radio and tv.

But when a faith tv shows up, then its not good enough now it has to be a persons particular church. Its not good enough that God or Jesus are being mentioned publically. Perhaps a little gospel could be spread.

But if we are all complaining whats a atheist or non believer, or just someone who figures religion to be a waste of time to think? If we cant agree where is their hope?

The problem with the non-Catholic stuff is that it is full of error. I would only listen to it from an apologetic standpoint. Certainly not to learn.

Okie dokie… but I don’t see much Catholic-bashing by Joyce Meyer… can someone show this to me? (URLs…)

I miss the old Channel 38.

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