Goin' to Vegas...any parish recommendations?


The title says it all…

Looks like the Wife and I are going to Vegas for a week…anyone know a good parish to attend Mass? I’ve seen their Cathedral and I don’t think I could bring myself to darken that particular doorway…looks to be as bad as the Taj-Mahoney from the outside…

I know that there aren’t any Latin Masses available (at least not that I was able to find), but I would much prefer to find a nice orthodox Mass at a more traditional parish if available…

So…any suggestions? :smiley:


My pro-life mission group went through Vegas on our way to Cali, and we stopped at Our Lady of Las Vegas Catholic Church. It had been recently redone and was very pretty…it seemed like a solid parish…they were very welcoming of us and the priests made time to hear our confessions (very nice, considering there was 14 of us).

PS. I was born and raised in Eagle River. :slight_smile: I still miss AK.


I’ve been to both Cathedrals off of the strip. I would say that the one at the northern end, Guardian Angel Cathedral, is by far better and more for the conservative tourist. The music is traditional and when I went, there was confession before the mass. The Cathedral at the south end of the strip (by the Tropicana) had a variety of music from traditional to gospel to folk all within the same mass. I haven’t been to any other churches in Vegas, but if you’re going to be by the strip, I would say go to Guardian Angel.


I don’t mind taking a cab to a more distant parish…at least not if its worth it! :smiley: (the Wife was joking that only people as boring as us would plan on going to Vegas…and making time for daily Mass…)


Ask JKirkLVNV via PM. He lives there.


What happens in Vegas,
stays in Vegas.:smiley:


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