Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief

Just watched this amazing documentary on the Church of Scientology (see link below). The film deconstructs the church’s claims by presenting a condensed history of Scientology and its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, examining how celebrities interact with the church, and highlighting the stories of a number of ex-members and of the abuse and exploitation that they described seeing and experiencing. The Church of Scientology responded vehemently to the film, complaining to film critics about their reviews and denouncing the filmmakers and their interviewees.


Forgot to mention, this is a Michael Moore documentary.

It’ on youtube now? Great. That saves me the cash renting it from Amazon.

No it isn’t. It’s by Alex Gibney and based on a book by Lawrence Wright.

It’s probably on youtube without permission and will be taken down soon.

yeah, I was wondering about that…it only recently came available on DVD.

Yes, it’s an excellent documentary. It did quality last week for a Best Documentary Oscar (it apparently had a qualifying theatrical release before HBO showed it) – I wish I could understand why there hasn’t been more outrage about the alleged pro-abortion policies of Scientology. Let’s hope “Going Clear” wins that Best Documentary Oscar.

And, no, it’s not a Michael Moore movie – a quick look at IMDB:
Director: Alex Gibney
Writers: Alex Gibney, Lawrence Wright (book)
Source: imdb.com/title/tt4257858/

(Lawrence Wright’s non-fiction expose, upon which the documentary is based, is equally recommended.)

I’ll just reiterate, no it wasn’t. I only do so because Alex Gibney has undergone a fair amount of attack and persecution himself at the hands of the Scientology goon squad for making this documentary so he deserves all the credit he can get.

Blocked in Murica…

Not quite. Michael Moore is the backer of this film and the narrator. Alex directed. Didn’t you recognise MM voice.

Try changing the country options. Select Australia then you can watch it.

Or better yet, don’t watch an illegal feed of it and watch it in a legal manner where the producers will get the monetary credit they deserve for taking the time and risk to produce it. If you want to be technical if you watch it on Youtube, you’re breaking that pesky, “Thou shall not steal” commandment.

How about no. :smiley:

Well, be sure to confess to a sin then… :wink:

Will do. :thumbsup:

As I always do, I recommend reading. Wright’s book, in this case.

What is the title of Wright’s book. Would be interested in reading it.

I have a personal interest in this “religion” as I was nearly one of them during my university years. I took the Dianetics handbook from their street spruiker, read it, booked auditing sesion and turned up for auditing, while waiting I got a very uneasy feeling, hard to describe like a chill going up my spine and goosebumps on my arms. I advised them I was going to the toilet outside. I left the building and never returned.

A uni friend of mine was handed the Dianetics book in the city, she returned to get audited. Turned up on campus terrified, deliriously happy and hyped up telling us that she had no idea what had happened to her for the previous 6 hours…yes she was all 3 emotions rolled into one… :frowning:

Long story short, her friend who dropped her off outside the Scientology building informed the Dean of our School where she was. She returned an hour later to pick her up for their lecture but she wasn’t waiting, she went upstairs and asked the reception for her friend, the receptionist informed her that her friend had completed her session and had already left. She hadn’t left, she was still in session and would be for another 5hours.

The Dean went out of his way to go into the city and give these people a piece of his mind then he sent an email to all of his students warning them to be wary of this group.

As with the documentary, Wright’s book is titled GOING CLEAR:SCIENTOLOGY, HOLLYWOOD & THE PRISON OF BELIEF.

I had a first edition of Hubbard’s DIANETICS, in my collection, but it was destroyed by a rat attack on one of my storage boxes. Though it had a collectible value of a couple of hundred dollars, it was hard to miss it, when I discarded it.

I’ve seen a few documentaries on this religion. It is a cult, no doubt about it.

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